Chanakya Neeti in English (Lessons, Strategies, and Best Quotes)

Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti was written by the great strategist, scholar, teacher, advisor, and economist of ancient India Chanakya (also known as Kautilya). It is largely considered as one of the greatest works of Chanakya and followed by many great rulers, leaders and famous personalities. Chanakya was the mastermind behind the success of Maurya Dynasty. The book Chanakya neeti has 17 chapters and it entails all the important quotes, strategies and lessons to lead a happier and successful life. From the book, we have selected most important lessons or quotes that can have a…

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23 Best Chanakya Quotes About Life

Chanakya Quotes

Before we have a look at the best Chanakya quotes. Let us know who he was: Chanakya was a great strategist, founder of Maurya empire, economist and a great philosopher of ancient India. His famous work includes Arthshashtra and Chanakya-Niti.  (Also known as Kautilya) His strategies helped Maurya empire immensely in every way. He is known for picking Chandragupta Maurya from the streets and making him an emperor. He was the brain behind the rise of Maurya Dynasty. Following are the best Chanakya quotes about life that many people derive…

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