10 Best Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Quotes, Thoughts, Advice About Life

Best Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Quotes, Thoughts, Advice About Life   Shivaji Bhonsle signified as an Indian warrior lord and an individual from the Bhonsle Maratha faction. Shivaji shaped out an enclave from the declining Adilshahi sultanate of Bijapur that made the beginning of the Maratha Empire. In 1674, he was formally commended as the “Chhatrapati” of his area at Raigad. Conceived –  19 February 1630 Shivneri Fort, Shivneri, Ahmadnagar Sultanate (present-day Maharashtra, India) Passed on –  3 April 1680 (matured 50– 53) Raigad Fort, Raigad, Maratha Empire (present-day Maharashtra, India) Here are some of the Best Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Quotes     Of all the rights of…

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How to move up the corporate ladder quickly?

Move up the corporate ladder

We all want to move up the corporate ladder as quickly as possible but little do we know how to reach there. For those of you aspiring to move up the corporate ladder here is some advice from the experts. Let us find out what you must focus on to reach the goal quickly. Hiring managers generally focus on few things while assessing the potential candidates. Following are the things they look at: Achievements Your achievements in the previous role play a significant role in deciding whether or not you…

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9 Winning Habits and Traits One Must Possess To Be Highly Successful In Life.

Winning Habits

Have you ever thought of what it takes to be successful in life? Experts suggest there are few winning habits and traits common in all the successful people. Although, the measure of success may vary from person to person, Following are the 9 winning habits that highly successful people have in common: 9: They have a Positive Attitude Anything you do in life, you must have a positive attitude to conquer all the barriers and march forward. Anyone who scaled big in their lives had a positive outlook. To achieve something big…

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7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

In Today’s challenging and fiercely growing business environment, one must possess emotional intelligence to overcome daily barriers i.e, performing efficiently, dealing with peers, managing clients or working with a cold and rough boss. We all encounter difficult situations at our workplace every day and how we deal with those situations decide how emotionally intelligent we are.  

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