14 Changes to Make in Your 30s That Will Set You up for Lifelong Success

Changes to make in your 30s

By Shana Lebowitz Sam Walton founded Walmart at age 44; Julia Child published her first cookbook at 60. Your best years may be way ahead of you. It’ll depend a little on luck and a lot on how you behave in the next decade or so — i.e. not procrastinating, overspending, and wallowing in self-pity. Over on Quora, hundreds of people have shared the best ways to spend your 30s in order to lay the foundation for success and fulfillment later on. We sifted through those threads and rounded up 14 compelling responses. Read…

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7 Things To Do To Be Happy In Life

how to be Happy in Life

Things You Should Do To Be Happy In Life Extensive research has been done to discover how can we be happier in life. A study by various renowned research institutes and neuroscientists reveals that happiness is often the result of your habits, thought-patterns, actions, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness. According to Harvard Research If we do the following 7 things, we can significantly raise the levels of happiness   1) Meditate: Meditation 2) Exercise/Physical Activity:     3) Spend on Experiences:     4)Be Kind And Express Gratitude: 5)Positivity:    …

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What Are Negative Emotions And How To Manage Negative Emotions and Feelings?


You must learn how to manage negative emotions and feelings to be successful in personal and professional life. This article would uncover some of the tricks and empower you to deal and control your negative emotions. First of all, let us know what Negative Emotions and feelings are. How it impacts us and what can we do to overcome negative emotions. Negative Emotions are strong feelings which cause you to become negative, sad and irritated. It causes great damage to your mind and body. We all encounter them every day in…

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