TOP 50 Atheist Quotes On God and Religion

Best ever quotes on atheism

We have thoughtfully compiled the best quotes, sayings and captions on Atheism. Read these thought-provoking atheist quotes on God, Religion and Existence. Atheist Quotes “After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.” – Friedrich Nietzsche “To you, I’m an atheist. To God, I’m the loyal opposition.” – Woody Allen “All thinking men are atheists.” – Ernest Hemingway   “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire   “Atheism is a non-prophet organization.” – George Carlin  …

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Top 100 Good and Bad Karma Quotes

Best Karma Quotes about good deeds and cheating. Enjoy these carefully compiled Karma Messages, Sayings and Captions to share with your friends and followers on Instagram or WhatsApp status. But before that let’s find out more about Karma. What is Karma? The term find its mention mainly in Hinduism and also Buddhism. Karma is derived from the Sanskrit term Karmaan meaning action, fate and deeds. Karma, thousands of years old concept, is what we do to the world that comes back to us in good or bad form. Derived from the Sanskrit term karman,…

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100 Saying I Am Sorry Quotes and Messages

I am Sorry Messages

With these “I am sorry Quotes and Messages”, we are here to make your life a little bit easier. It is human to make mistakes. Yes, that’s right! making mistakes is fine but not accepting the mistake can cause some serious problem in life, relationships and business. All of us love people who offer genuine apology whenever something goes wrong. We should accept our mistakes and apologise if anything we do is wrong. People often make acknowledgement but that’s for the sake of it. You don’t want to be one…

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Top 50 Second Chances Quotes in Life and Love

Captions on second chances

Second Chances Quotes Whether it is Love, Relationships, Business or Life, we all get/give second chances, don’t we? These carefully compiled quotes on second chances will definitely give you some boost in your endeavours. Some people get second chances while some don’t. Therefore it is important to acknowledge and respect every second choice you get or also if you decide to give others. Making mistakes is common but acknowledging the mistake and learning from it is ever more important. We hope these second chance quotes and captions will motivate you…

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77 Best Comeback Quotes On Bounce Back From Failure

Bounce Back Quotes

It is the stories of comeback and bounce back from failure is what we all love so much. Life is full of challenges and we all know it. There are many ups and downs that one has to go though to achieve their goals. But amidst all the challenges and adversities lies some opportunities. These Bounce Back Quotes on making a strong comeback will definitely give you some motivation to keep chasing your goals despite challenges and failures. After all turning your setback into comeback makes the journey more powerful…

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37 Got Your Back Quotes For Him and Her

got my back quotes

It is rare to find genuine friends and partners who are loyal, trustworthy, loving and caring. Good friends support each other and always say I got your back. You must protect them at all costs. It means to be ready to protect or defend your friends at all times. It is defending, supporting and protecting your friends in the darker times. We have thoughtfully compiles these best ‘I Got your back Quotes’ for all of your to read and share with your friends, loved ones and followers through Instagram and other social media…

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Top 100 Hair Quotes About Hairstyle

Hair Quotes

Short or long, curly or straight, blonde or black, thick or thin, hair is probably the most important aspect of what we wear everyday. And no matter which part of the world you are from or what caste and creed you belong to. Hair is one of the most loved parts of human body. Whether Young or Old, Men or Women, we all want beautiful hair, don’t we? We have thoughtfully compiles some of the best quotes about Hair and Hairstyle for you to read. You can definitely share it…

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Top 50 Barber Quotes You Must Read

Barber Quotes Sayings Messages

Barber is a person who is responsible for grooming men’s hair. Everyone needs a barber no matter what caste, creed or geography you belong. We all are familiar with the term barber and need their services from time to time. If you are someone who loves to groom yourself better than others then you probably visit barbershop moreoften. You often identify their shops with the help of a pole often white red and blue helix stripes. We have compiled the best Barber quotes and Captions  for you to read and share…

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Top 50 Travel Vacation Quotes for Instagram

Travel Quotes about vacation

From time to time we all need a break, don’t we? There is no better way to rejuvenate and revitalise yourself than going on a vacation. Vacation is a period spent away from home or business in the form of travel or recreation. It offers you a respite from work or your daily schedule. According to many health experts, a vacation is a best way to restore your energy and relax your mind. Not only is is good for your overall wellbeing but also a highly recommended therapy for positive…

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Top 100 I Miss You Quotes For Those Who Love

I miss you quotes

From time to time it is common for everyone to miss someone dearly. There are times when we miss someone deeply but don’t find words to express our true feelings. We have thoughtfully compiled these best quotes about missing someone. You can definitely use these sayings and quotes as your status or caption for your Instagram posts. Those who love someone deeply and care about their friends often search for ‘I miss You’ Quotes and Sayings to express their feelings to their friends, lovers and closed ones. Sometimes missing someone…

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