11 Best Plies Quotes and Tweets about Life and Rap

Best Plies Quotes

Algernod Lanier Washington, better known by his stage name Plies, is an American hip hop recording artist. He is the founder of Big Gates Records



Plies Quotes:

“Accept who you are and stop being mad at the people you can’t be” – Plies

Plies Quotes


“I Kept is so mutha fuck**g real with you that I was blind!” –  Plies Quotes


Plies Quotes tweets sayings

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“This career isn’t life or death to me. I can honestly tell you that if this s**t stops tomorrow, I could find something else to do and be successful.”

A liar ONLY tell u what dey want u 2 know……

f U Gotta Keep Running Bike 2 The Same Person Who Done Broke U Off($$$) B4…. It ONLY Means One Thang U A “Poe Hustla” – – Tweet by Plies

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“If u aint gettin me shit 4 Christmas ain’t gettin u shit” – Plies Quotes – Tweet by Plies

If U Gone Dress Yo Kids Up Like Dey Grown Den Don’t Beat Dey Azz When Dey Act Like Dey Grown- Tweet by Plies

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Strongestpeopleintheworld: Single Parents, Poor People, College Students, Grand Parents, People Livin w illness and people Livin on dere own” – Plies Quotes

“It Don’t Matter How Good U Try 2 Dress Dat Bitch Up.. If She A Hoe She A Hoe…” – Tweet by Plies


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