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Ananta Hemp Works

As part of our relentless pursuit to identify and share with our community some of the unique and compelling startup stories from the ecosystem, this week we spoke to Team Ananta Hemp Works to understand more about their journey, their vision and the way forward. Let’s read their unique story!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with the Team:

Tell us a little bit about your startup and the problems you guys are solving, please;

Ananta HempWorks is a Delhi based start-up that is setting up its foundation with a unique range of products in multiple categories.

The company started operations in 2020 with the aim to redefine the perspective around Cannabis plants using the Cannabis Leaf Extract (as permitted under Ayurveda) and direct it towards its medicinal prowess.

Abhinav Bhaskar and Vikram Bir Singh, founders, came together to nurture this idea when Abhinav himself witnessed the restoration aspect of Hemp plant-based medicine, in order to manage the pain that he endured owing to an autoimmune disease.

Vikram Bir Singh and Abhinav Bhaskar (Right)
Vikram Bir Singh and Abhinav Bhaskar (Right)

Vijaya, modernly known as Cannabis, yields more than a hundred compounds, especially CBD, CBG, CBN to name a few, that help in mollifying pains for patients undergoing genetic diseases, physical injury pains, stress, anxiety and a host of other illnesses.

It targets the pain by, basically, manipulating the pain perception and bringing our hormones to a sustainable balance.”

The ability to manage his pain so efficiently, Abhinav’s personal experience has been the motivation behind the birth of AHW to make available the benefits of the Hemp plant to more and more people. Hemp is a revolutionary plant that not just helps in managing the pain but is also substantive in treating skin conditions, sleep disorders, and other modern lifestyle imbalances.

The Innovative Product Line:

With advancing technology, the possibility to innovate is expanding, especially when it comes to the versatile Hemp plant. This future-focused brand has put in tireless efforts to establish a retail brand identity with hemp seed oil as the main component in almost all their products.

From wellness, nutrition and personal care products, their range is eclectic and natural. Their personal care range is made with natural and herbal composition, minus paraben and chemicals.

Hemp Seed Oil products are known to regenerate the skin and manage acne-causing triggers. AHW has been striving to build a product line that is not just consumer conscious but also environmentally responsible.”

Their products are not tested on animals, are locally prepared, and are free of chemicals.

Hemp, being a natural source of nutrients, is indeed the real superfood. The seeds can be consumed as it is, the seed’s pressed oil is a healthy option to add to a regular diet or can even be applied on skin or hair. AHW drew on this aspect of the plant to curate a range of Nutritional products that can be easily adopted in regular lives. Their principle behind this range is to target the growing vegan tribe and promote a healthier and stronger lifestyle among people by raising awareness of its advantages.

‘Ananta Hemp Works’ is such a unique name; talk us through more about it, please. Our audience would also love to know what kind of problem you are solving?

Ananta in Sanskrit means endless, not ending or limitless.

Our core ingredient, hemp, is Ananta when it comes to its potential. The limitless use, endless potential and never-ending list of products it can produce.

The most versatile plant with deep ancient and cultural roots is finally being recognized for its various beneficial uses. This miraculous crop today is a trillion-dollar industry with utility in over 30,000 products.

The plant from the cannabis Sativa family that contains a very low amount of psychoactive substances i.e. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can open a whole new business horizon.

Hemp plants can produce many things like fibre, grain, fuel, food, oils, proteins, and CBDs (Cannabinoids), which can further be used as efficient and quality raw materials for numerous products across various industries.

From medicine and nutrition to textiles, bio-plastics, biofuel, paper, hempcrete, and food products. Making this crop a material that can not only traverse different industries but also contribute to the overall growth of the economy.

This incredible plant is extremely sustainable. It requires almost 50% less water and land for commercial production in comparison to BT cotton. This environmentally sustainable plant not only eliminates the damaging effects of pesticides, soil remediation, weeding fields, and bio-absorption of heavy metals and contaminants but also helps to control atmospheric CO2 levels.

It has been scientifically proven that 1 ton of hemp removes 1.63 tons of CO2 from the air. Along with that, hemp is the best solution for forest preservation due to its use as a raw material in paper and fuel production.”

Owing to the prospects that this multi-beneficial plant possesses, all economies of the world recognize its tremendous benefits and hence are actively taking steps to break the stigma and legalizing hemp production to boost their economies with a sustainable option.

With Uttarakhand taking the lead, states like Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand are also coming forward to disrupt the prevailing policies and to pave a path for allowing the hemp industry to grow, prosper, and strengthen the Indian economy.”

During this COVID-19 crisis, what are the measures you have undertaken to continue your business without disruption?

As we started in 2020, the covid came along and our start was slow in comparison to what was expected or could have been. Although, the impact was not very negative, since we were operating through online mediums only, i.e. our own website and the other marketplaces that we are listed on. The delivery and other operations were smooth enough in overall terms.

The time ever since has been very exciting for our whole team. With new challenges have come new opportunities as well.”

Irrespective of Covid, our business is affected by the lack of knowledge about the products, the taboo around the ingredients and the fact that we are now in the market. However, we are working towards spreading awareness and sharing easy to understand information with our consumers through our social media platforms.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives the team?

Our idea to conquer the challenges is very organic in terms of marketing morale. We are not pushing our products directly but sharing the information through blogs, articles and virtual seminars.

We are also working closely with the best practitioners in the industry, the doctors and opening Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinics around Delhi-NCR. At these clinics, we have doctors for consultations and guidance with a complete range of our products available as well.

Our team is small but very dedicated and hands-on. We all take up multiple responsibilities when it’s needed and work together very constructively.

Ananta Hemp Works

Please share with us about your expansion plans?

We are currently running our own website, we are listed with 16 marketplaces and further we want to expand the listing horizons with more platforms in a collaborative manner.

Besides, we are also shelving our products at leading veterinary hospitals along with other nutrition and personal care selling stores. We want to educate the masses about the nature of the products, its use and mention in ancient Ayurveda, their benefits and breaking the taboos and myths surrounding it.

Currently with 2 Ananta Vijaya Wellness Clinics, we are planning to come up with more clinics where patients can come in closer contact with the doctors who are dispensing our products with proper prescriptions and ethical practices needed in the industry.

What has worked well for you so far?

Our approach to reaching people through doctors as a medium has been a successful strategy for us and we are keen to follow it and take it a notch higher. This not only helps or benefits us but also helps regulate the consumption and practice of this in an ethical manner and complying with government rules and regulations.

We take it as a responsibility when we are a part of this industry, that we take the best practice forward and maintain the decorum as well. This is one reason, our staff is also trained while dealing with orders that need special consideration.”


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