Are Essay Writers Legit and Safe?

Are Essay Writers Legit and Safe?

In today’s day and age, education in college in the USA is not only difficult by itself but also very expensive. Depending on an institution, the average tuition and fees vary from $10,000 to $40,000 and sometimes may be up to $200,000 for the top colleges like Harvard. Unless a student gets support from their parents, oftentimes, they have to take a loan or balance their studying with working and personal life. Of course, all these factors combined lead to additional stresses, and some students look online for assistance with their writing assignments. But here comes other concerns: how to find a legit service that can help with writing an original and quality paper? Is it safe to buy an essay from a writer you don’t know?

We can say that most of the writing services are legit and safe. If you go to their website and place your order, you will get your paper. However, its quality is unpredictable because some companies don’t provide the required tests and training for their writers. That’s why it is important to find a customer-oriented company that cares about its reputation and has plenty of positive reviews from its customers. So, how are essay writing services legit and safe?

Writing services exist for decades 

You may think that it doesn’t matter, but it does. Companies usually work for years to prove their professionalism, liability and earn customers’ trust. Scams reveal themselves pretty fast, so if you visit a service’s website and see that they have been in business for a while, most likely, you can calm down and place an order. Also, such services are usually customer-oriented, which means that their websites are easy and convenient to navigate. Students can find all the information they need either on the landing page or somewhere else quite easily.

So, writing services that exist for a prolonged period of time are safe and legit. They’ve been in business for a while so they’re aware of all legal aspects and don’t cross that line. However, many new sites can be created daily and actually scam people. Thus, you should pay closer attention to the service where you want to place an order.

Legit writing services don’t require much information about you

Those who only consider an idea to order a paper from an expert writer for the first time usually worry that writing services may require the name and personal email of their customer, date of birth, or even the name of the college or university where they study. Even the slightest thought that your professor may find out that you ask for additional help with your academic assignment shakes to the core. But don’t worry.

Legit companies let you decide whether you want to share your name and phone number and don’t ask about your college or any sensitive personal information at all. They usually ask only your email address to deliver an essay or contact you if a writer has any questions regarding your custom instructions. In addition, legit writing services don’t provide you with a name and any personal data regarding a writer that helps you. So, everything is confidential and safe.

Legit writing services hire the best writers 

These companies value their reputations and do their best to have the most professional writers in their team. They make writers pass complicated tests and training to ensure that they write plagiarism-free, error-free, and personalized essays from scratch.

Legit writing services usually have many writers who specialize in different fields of study and can deliver excellently written papers on various topics. If you’re an English-speaking student who is looking for help with college assignments, we would advise you to check professional essay writers for hire at academic essay writing services similar to AdvancedWriters. The company meets all expectations regarding the quality of papers, prices, and features, including free formatting, title, and bibliography pages. The company has 400+ writers from around the world which allows them to help students with their writing assignments 24/7.

Moreover, visiting their website you can not only review their customers’ commentaries about the service but actually get familiar with the samples of their writers’ works. So, if you’re looking for a legit and safe essay writer, don’t hesitate to contact AdvancedWriters and order a custom-written paper that can be used as a framework for your future academic assignments.

Legit writing services ensure delivering plagiarism-free papers

In academic writing, plagiarism is a huge deal that may end up in a lawsuit. So, it’s essential to cite all materials correctly to avoid even if not legal but still a lot of problems in the university. Legit writing services always double-check every paper for plagiarism before delivering it to a customer. They also make sure that all papers are unique and there’s no chance that different customers will receive similar essays.

From a legal standpoint, even though a writer helped you write the first draft for your college assignment, the paper and rights for it are only yours. Therefore, for the most part, writing services are safe and legit. Ultimately, the concept of such services is to provide you with a draft and a template of a paper that you will edit and customize before submitting.

So, using writing services ensures a huge stress relief for students but it doesn’t imply any illegal activities. Because it isn’t illegal to research the materials, watch videos on Youtube to find inspiration or information that you may use and cite. Technically, the same is here. Having an excellently written paper in front of you helps you figure out the structure for academic papers, the language that has to be used, and materials that best suit your topic.

In a nutshell, many students use writing services to find a balance between their studying, working, and personal life. Essay writers are legit and safe because they provide students with excellently written templates for their custom instructions, which saves some time for research and figuring out structure, formatting, and custom instructions for their academic assignments. Legit services don’t require your personal information and provide you with plagiarism-free papers, so there’s nothing wrong with asking for assistance if there’s a need.


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