Fast Ways of Shipping Freight to Norway

Fast Ways of Shipping Freight to Norway

As a member state of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Norway lies outside of the European Union. As such, numerous British exporting firms have been targetting the Scandinavian country as one of their favored potential international markets. However, when sales are made to Norwegian customers, some UK-based firms struggle to fulfil their orders in a timely manner. This tends to lead to a loss of reputation and a lack of willingness to place repeat orders down the line. However, British firms should know that expediting rapid freight shipments to Norway is possible so long as they know what to do. Read on to find out.

Cargo Shipments Direct to Norway

The Norwegian ports of Bergen, Haugesund and Tananger all benefit from direct sailings from the UK. Consequently, any British exporter of freight can send goods directly to Norway bypassing the EU’s customs union entirely, if they wish. According to Barrington Freight, a freight forwarding firm based in Essex, the major disadvantage of this approach is that it means goods will arrive in Norway unaccompanied by a driver. As such, they need to be unloaded at the port and then picked up by a local logistical firm to continue their onward journey into the country. Consequently, this service – which runs eight times per week across the North Sea – is only really suited to heavy or bulky cargo.

Roll-On/Roll-Off Ferry Services to Norway

The Port of Immingham offers another sea crossing to Norway that UK exporters can use. This is often just as quick as the cargo option, taking just 36 hours to reach the Norwegian port of Brevik. Because Brevik is relatively close to Oslo, this is often a preferred option. Drivers can arrive at Brevik Port and then get to the capital in just two hours. Currently, there are only two sailings per week, however, so you need to time your delivery to coincide with a crossing to maximise the benefit from it. This is a more expensive option than shipping unaccompanied cargo but it suits many firms with palletised goods, especially if they have more than one delivery to make in similar locations in the country at the same time.

Express Road Consignments to Norway

It takes under 19 hours to drive from Calais or Dunkirk in Oslo via Gothenburg. As such, this is often the fastest way to proceed with smaller shipments, especially among companies based in southern England and Wales. Of course, journeys will need to be broken up so drivers can rest but two-team Sprinter van or lorry schedules will mean being able to achieve very fast delivery times without stopping. What’s more, this express service is often less expensive than people think. Driving through France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden will mean having to declare goods to EU customs officials, however. That said, doing so is not a problem with suitable customs clearance agents. Please note that ferry services from northern Denmark pass into Norway, too, thereby offering an even faster route to cities like Bergen and Kristiansand.

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