How Tall Were the Nephilim Giants in the Book of Genesis? 

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The Bible describes giants in its content and also groups of giants, including Nephilim, who are mentioned once in the book of Genesis and again in Numbers.  

A question many studying the Bible would like to understand is the actual size, how tall the Nephilim really were. Unfortunately, there is no biblical notation or concrete evidence documenting the exact height of the individuals.  

Biblical references and North American skeletal remains offer reasonable speculation of the height of giants such as King Og and Goliath. Some specimens not widely spoken of measure between 10 and 18 feet tall. The findings in the Americas were “not widely distributed and are strongly disputed.”  

It was purported that “dozens were found between 1850 and 1940.” In the Old Testament, the Hebrew ‘span” was roughly 9” and there was a reference to “three thousand ells” which was noted to be perhaps a scribal error in “Enoch’s Book of Giants,” as it would have equated to “22,500 feet tall.”  

The Masoretic Texts suggest that Goliath spanned “six cubits and a span” which was roughly 9’9” and that King Og slept in a bed of approximately 12’ in length. In 1 Kings 6, the cherubs were ten cubits or 15 feet tall.  

With all of this considered, you could assume that Nephilim was likely the tallest of any human, making them range between 10 to 15 feet in height, but that would be speculation. Find information on Nephilim by visiting 

What Does Tell Us About Nephilim 

Nephilim is mentioned twice in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, and again in Numbers. Specifics on their appearance, weight, size, fate, and lifespan are not described. Here is how the book of Genesis, chapter 6:2-4 reads: 

“… The sons of God saw that the daughters of mankind were beautiful, and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose. Then the Lord said, ‘My Spirit will not remain with man forever because he is also flesh; nevertheless, his days shall be 120 years.” – Genesis, chapter 6:2-4 

It is presumed that the Nephilim lived on the earth then and beyond when the daughters of mankind bore children to the sons of God. These were noted to be “mighty men of old, of renown.”  

Scholars are of the mindset that this union between the daughters of men and sons of God was against God’s will, that the children they bore, Nephilim, were willful and would bring the world to sin. Joel 6-7 references beings, progenitors of Nephilim, to have a special place of judgment. These are the sons of God spoken of in Genesis 6. 

The indication is that Nephilim were “malevolent giants consuming all men’s acquisitions and devouring mankind,” according to The Books of Enock and Giants, neither written by Enoch but in his name and arising from the union of what became known as “watchers” or fallen angels and humans. Click here for Bible verses relating to Nephilim. 

Was Goliath Nephilim 

Goliath was more than likely not Nephilim. Here are details to support this supposition. 

  • Nephilim arose from human women and fallen angels, making them a specific species. Neither secular nor biblical references to Goliath suggest this parentage. 
  • The great flood wiped out Nephilim. The very distinct DNA of this creature was lost then, and there is no specific description of them living on earth following the flood or Noah’s days. 
  • Following the flood, God forbade human women and fallen angels from coming together. 

Similarly to Nephilim, Goliath was a giant, powerful and imposing in stature, mighty. However, unlike Nephilim, Goliath was born of human parents; he was a human, vulnerable to attack, even that of a human boy with a sling and a rock. 

The Nephilim Misconceptions 

There is great mystery surrounding Nephilim, with centuries worth of mythologies developing relating to their existence. Here are some ideologies surrounding this group. 

The legend 

The giants were able to escape the great flood but were banished to North America. In that vein, there are legends among the indigenous North American people concerning giants described as having “six fingers on their hands, double rows of teeth, red hair and owning advanced technology.”  

While the Smithsonian Institute and the US Government confiscated its alleged skeletons and suppressed details, these ideas are disputed. 

The civilization 

In some theories, God banished the Nephilim to Antarctica, where they were imprisoned in the vast frozen region until the final judgment.  

Some believe the giants developed a thriving underground civilization, while others feel their release will occur at the end of Christ’s Millennial Reign or during the tribulation period. 

Antarctica has several irregularities that keep the myths going, including the airspace closure, inexplicable radio/power signals coming from the region, and occasional sightings of what appears to the witnesses to be “opening to structures or structures. 

Did God Destroy the Nephilim 


The Bible references that God would destroy all life on the land and sea except for the righteous Noah and his family and the specific animals that God designated to be saved. The Nephilim were not included as something to be preserved, meaning these creatures were destroyed with the great flood. 

 There is no mention of the Nephilim creatures with their distinct DNA, living on the earth following the days of Noah. Any references outside of the Bible to such are myth, theory, or speculation, and nothing more.  

Final Thought 

Nephilim is mentioned twice in the Bible, both in Genesis and again in Numbers. When mentioned, there are no specific details describing the giants as far as their appearance, size, weight, height, fate, or lifespan. Anything written outside of the Bible offering this information is speculation.  

The Nephilim were noted to be against the will of God and a primary reason for the great flood to cleanse the world of the sin that was beginning to take over the world. In that flood, the Nephilim were believed to have been destroyed and are not mentioned as living on the earth following the days of Noah.  

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