How to choose the right employees for your business?

How to choose the right employees for your business?

As the growth of a business occurs, the need to build a quality team increases to improve competitiveness in the market. However, how to choose the right employees for your business?

The first rule is clear but very counterintuitive: never ever hire someone like you. Why not? Because since the beginning of time, executives have been subconsciously cloning themselves, filling the shelves with young people from the best universities. And what has happened to the executives and the companies that have done that? Experts point out, that they often sink to the soft sands of inconsequentiality when the harsh waters of today’s reality wash over them. They become non-flexible and not diverse, having limits on their abilities and views.

In this sense, some organizations do wrong by not developing a strategic outline process for the acquisition of employees. Therefore, newcomers sometimes have problems with the values of the company and even do not have the necessary qualifications.

So, here are the 11 best tips on how to hire employees efficiently, just keep reading our article.

(1) Define the desired professional profile:

Before doing this step, it is important to allocate time to understand your company profile. This is because, to have professionals aligned with your values, vision and goals, first of all, you need to structure them.

From this, you will have the opportunity to develop the necessary profile for your team of workers. To do this, you should consider the following points:

– What are the necessary activities?

– How much experience do you expect in the market?

– What is the required school level?

– What are the essential qualities?

In this way, you will create an organizational culture consistent with what the business needs. It is important to highlight that such stereotypes are not healthy: hiring a professional just for having studied at a great university does not mean that this is the best alternative for your company.

(2) Check the attitude of the person in addition to his ability:

Skills are not enough without the right attitude. Amid the candidate’s qualities, the most you should look for is a strong sense of optimism and cooperation. The person should be able to undertake difficult tasks and cope with them, both professionally and emotionally. Are they inspired by their job or do they do it solely to get money?

(3) Be open from the start:

During the interview, ask about times when the candidate has had problems at work. Ask them about how they coped with those problems and what steps they took to overcome them. Describe what issues they might meet in your company and learn how the potential candidate would react and what they would try to do. That will give you an idea if that candidate is able to cope with the workflow in your company.

(4) Don’t pick the 1st person right away:

Don’t be just satisfied with referrals. In your interview process, do include daily simulations, or invite candidates to provide you with their best work or ideas’ portfolios. Talk to several candidates, compare their experience, knowledge and attitude. Be it a referral or someone you found yourself, treat them in the same way. Make your choice only after talking to different people to evaluate them properly.

(5) Be realistic:

Never hire someone with good potential but questionable habits, thinking you can change that person. Just like choosing your friends, what you see now is what you’ll probably have forever.

(6) Put more emphasis on diversity:

Make sure you are spreading your network to find those potential fish that are different and not swimming in the waters around you. You can also ask your HR team what postings and contacts they are using to seek the interest of potential candidates. Don’t stick to a certain type of employee, make your company diverse. That will only help you grow.

(7) Listen to your candidates:

Most of the interviewees try to present themselves in the most beneficial way, obviously. When the candidate finally arrives, listen to their life story, both at work and at home. Try to see through their character.

The task of hiring is too serious to hand over entirely to the HR department. Your legacy is going to be established, after all, by the teams you choose to achieve your goals. So as an executive, you must be involved as well.

(8) Learn where and how to advertise vacancies:

A great tip is to advertise your vacancies on the right platforms. In this perspective, you need to first create the ideal profile of the candidate, so that you have a clearer idea of where to find them.

From there, you will have the possibility to opt for vacancy sites, events, universities, social networks, and software to make the best selection. It is worth remembering that it is better if you advertise in fewer places, but efficiently. This will decrease the number of candidates who do not fit the company profile.

Another important suggestion is to use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful professional network on the internet, and therefore you should not neglect its benefits.

One more useful resource to try is Leadar. There, you’ll be able to find the right talents for your company and grab their contact info.

(9) Turn to your current employees:

Your current team is well-versed in the organization’s culture and the company values. That’s why they will be able to evaluate other people – based on their own knowledge of internal company processes. Your current employees know the responsibility they have when referring new professionals, and a bad recommendation is detrimental to their continuity within the company.

(10) Be clear and objective:

For entrepreneurs questioning how to hire company-aligned employees, clarity is also crucial in the process. This happens through joint work with the human resources team, responsible for the recruitment.

In this context, interviewers, during conversations, must be clear and objective as to what the management expects of their new hires. It is necessary to share, from the beginning, the values, the mission, and what are the attributions that the position must assume.

Thus, the candidate will quickly understand their obligations and will have the opportunity to analyze if they are able to accept the challenge.

(11) Verify authenticity of employees:

Last but not the least, it is very important to verify the authenticity of employees before you start the hiring process. You may opt for a background check. There are specific companies that do that and you must adhere to the legislation.

Or you can simply look for their social media accounts to check what kind of people they are in ordinary life. Google them to see what internet profile they have. Look their name up on Nuwber to check the authenticity of the candidate.

In this way, the hiring of new employees will become simpler than you imagine. Consider using technology to your advantage, in addition to defining the desired professional profile and choosing the most appropriate means for advertising vacancies.

Good management of the business can be achieved only if all parts of the company are very well-managed and aligned. After going through this article, now you know very well how to hire the right employees for your business’s needs.


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