How to Teach Your Kids the Value of Investing?

Investing advice for kids

The financial world and investing for children offer numerous opportunities that will enable them to have a better future and the children will thank you. 

Where many parents go wrong is that they refuse to teach their children about finances because they think they are too young for it, they are making a big mistake. 

It’s never too late to teach children financial literacy and investing, but children should start getting involved in that world as early as possible. Children can have a carefree childhood by learning about finances. 

Children will know how to value money more, save on time, start working part-time, and invest their money in stocks of their choice. 

Before children saved money in piggy banks, now this has been replaced by credit cards that offer countless possibilities and novelties for children. Admit it, when you had a piggy bank, if you needed money, you knew how to take it out as needed. 

Parents would never have a complete view of the amount of money that their children have saved. 

Therefore, many opt for one of the best tools for learning finance and developing a diverse skill set with investing apps for kids.

Make money interesting for children through play

Children learn very quickly even the most complicated things through play. Since children lose interest quickly, you have to make everything more interesting for them, so you will have to be creative in this matter. 

One of the games is the game of buyer and merchant, where the children are at the cash register. For the game, you can use real money or monopoly money, it doesn’t matter. 

The important point is that they learn what money is and how it works.

One of the main things you have to explain to them is the difference between necessities and luxuries. 

Parents have numerous expenses on which they have to spend money, and when they pay for everything, there is little money left to spend on unnecessary things.

Give them a kids credit card

To learn what money is and how to manage it, the best tool is a children’s credit card. 

The creation process is quick and simple, parents provide the basic personal information of the children. 

After providing all the necessary information, the account is activated instantly by depositing money in it and is ready for use.

What can children do with these credit cards?

With these cards, children can earn, spend, donate, invest in stocks and save money. In addition to these basic things, there are also tables of obligations that are easily adaptable to any age of the child. 

Children earn extra money by completing assigned tasks within the time limit. Children with the BusyPay option can earn money when a third party pays directly to their account with the corresponding QR code. 

This is a great way of extra income for children, as well as a form of gift for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions.

Investing for children

Children can invest money in various ways. Although all investments must be approved by parents. Within the offer of credit cards for children, certain companies on the market allow children to invest in their shares. 

Children have constant insight into the state of shares, i.e. whether they are rising or falling. Some parents decide that their children must allocate a percentage of their earnings and pocket money to a savings plan and investments. 

What the creators of credit cards wanted was for children to understand the financial world by providing them with all the options that the elders have. 

Children can invest in recognized brands and companies such as Apple, Samsung, Netflix, and many others.

Teaching children to invest from a young age makes their future easier because if they make the right decisions when investing, they can ensure a carefree and rich future. 

Benefits of teaching kids investing

The goal is for children to understand that money is earned through hard work and that it is not in abundance. 

What we advise you is to let them make a few mistakes, because they learn best from their mistakes and have to bear the consequences of their decisions. 

Of course, this is not about large sums of money, but they must take responsibility for their decisions. 

This is the best way to prepare them to become responsible and conscientious people and to learn to manage money rationally. 

It is also very important that children learn to donate money to the needy, because this way you also teach them social sensitivity, and that not all children are as lucky as they are to have a warm home, clothes, shoes and a meal every day.


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