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Amit Ganguly

As part of our ongoing quest to get you meaningful and powerful stories from India and around the world, we invited yet another passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneur – Amit Ganguly for an exclusive interview with BrilliantRead Media. He is a Leader, Author, Mentor, Speaker and an Entrepreneur. Let’s read more about his inspiring journey and his advice for our growing community through our exclusive interview with him!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Amit:

We are aware of your contribution to the ecosystem, talk us through your background and your journey as a coach, please;

I am a firm believer in this. “Any journey of milestones starts with actions”. It is not the dreamer, but the action-takers emerged as a successful person.

Also, very importantly, we need to be “Action Taker”, rather than remain just a dreamer. A dreamer always dreams about their ambitions but doesn’t take action on time.

With over 25 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, I understand the challenges that junior and mid-level managers often undergo. This had happened to me as well, not just once, but multiple times. I was not sure about my potential. Most of the time, my supervisors had made minimal effort to identify my strength and also give the right guidance so that I can progress in my career much faster.”

Because of these situations, the employees often slip into either “I am not OK – You are OK” or “I am not OK – You are not OK” mindset. I am very passionate about connecting with people, understand their hidden need and potential. Throughout my supervisory career (which is over 16 years), I always had maintained a close connection with my team. The purpose was, even though, most of the time I had not got proper guidance, my team should not feel that.

During my childhood and even during the early days of my career, I was a timid and introvert person, but over a period of time, I have emerged as a person who does not dare to call a spade a spade! Let me share a fascinating fact about me. Once, I was asked to recite a poem in a small gathering of my parent’s office colleagues and their families. After the first two lines, I froze and could not speak a single word.”

If that person can become a successful trainer and speaker, it clearly shows if you have will and determination, you can do anything and everything in life.

My last organization was Accenture Solutions, where I own the “Capability and Competency Development”, “Budget”, “Asset”, “Capacity Planning”, “Employee Engagement and Retention” for one business vertical in India.

I have quit my job in February 2020 and emerged as:

1 – Freelance Leadership Development Coach, Mentor. I am the First Leadership Coach in India exclusively for the people working in the IT Industry. Why only for the IT Industry? Because I can leverage my tremendous experiences for the junior to mid-level managers to move to the next level in their career.

As I was mentioning earlier, today, most of the organization top leadership is full of “Managers”, and you can rarely found “Leaders”. This makes the employee’s life miserable. So, if the junior, mid-level and mid-senior level managers can learn and understand the leadership techniques and start demonstrating the Leadership qualities, then not only their life will improve, but they can make a significant impact for their team members as well.

I have a couple of courses in Udemy on Leadership Development space and also got a book published. The name of the book is “From Manager to Leader – The Secret of the Journey”, which is available in Amazon (Kindle version) and Flipkart (paperback version).

2 – I also offer a unique service called “Genetic Brain Profiling”, which is based on the concept of “Dermatoglyphic”. This concept is each of our hand fingerprints relates to one part of our brain. For example, the right-hand thumb is mapped with life Pre-Frontal lobe.

Here using the fingerprint scan, we can accurately subject and educational stream potential (for children) and career potential and career track selection (for adults). Also, even the corporates can use this facility and report to understand the right potential of their employees and future employees (before issuing the offer letter).

So that the right person is deployed for the right type of job (who is good at technology work, who will tend to leave the organization within a short period, who is a good team player etc.)

How did you find your passion and purpose and started working with it?

During my corporate days, by the end of the month, a fixed salary was ensured, but I did not have freedom. I did not have time freedom; I did not have work freedom. I was working based on the time set by the organization and doing what was my KRA, whether I like to do that or not, that was immaterial.

For taking leave, many times, I had to beg. On top of that, I always felt that I am walking on the edge of the sword. It was always scared if I lose the job one fine day! Because of these, the liberty to spend time with the family was also restricted. Day by day, I was getting frustrated, and Monday blues syndrome gets kicked in almost every day. Every morning, I used to get up with a feeling, oh no! One more day, again, I will have to do the same thing as every day.

What was worst, as spoken a few minutes back, I hardly got any direction from most of my supervisors. As a result, I had to learn using the Trial and Error method and lost many golden years of my career and took wrong decisions in this process.”

Then finally, one day, I could get the courage to decide enough is enough. Let me come out of the corporate cage and become a free bird. I had Discussed my thoughts and decision with my family. My wife is fully supportive and finally spoke to my manager and put my paper down. My supervisor and colleagues were shocked and tried to discourage me at their best, but I was determined. Like that the journey started.

Now, being an entrepreneur, the best part is, I am doing what I love to do. Secondly, I do not need to follow a timetable set by someone else. Even though during the early days, the income fluctuates, but having freedom gives immense satisfaction.”

What gets you out of bed in the morning i.e. what’s your source of motivation?

Many motivations – one, I am doing what I am passionate about. Second, I am getting a chance to work for others, getting an opportunity to change the life of other people. Third – I am getting an opportunity to do different things based on my strength and will; I do not need to depend on anyone’s approval.

How do you manage yourself and keep on going despite the challenges? What drives you?

Now, I get up every morning, thinking that I will get an opportunity to do something new today. Face a different challenge and try something new, what I love to do. I love the push to myself out of the comfort zone, face new challenges.

The critical driving force is to help and care about the people. Share my knowledge, experience, and expertise to handhold the IT employees to become successful. I have cared my team members, worked along with them to make successful.”

I firmly believe that a Manager helps their employees to achieve what they are expected to do, while a Leader helps their team to achieve which they had never thought of achieving, but they should achieve. Similarly, using Genetic Brain Profiling, I am here to serve people to know and understand their IKIGAI.

Please share with us what has worked well for you so far?

Unfortunately, today, in most of the organizations, supervisors do not listen to their employees; as a result, employee dissatisfaction increases, which often results in a high attrition rate.

The good thing is – not people started understanding that and many of them are trying to come out from this trama. I got engaged with few such people who were demotivated earlier, and I am glad to share that now their career and life has been improved.

Also, through my Leadership coaching and mentoring services and also through the Genetic Brain Profiling Service, I could unleash the potential of my clients.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

There are many. As per my understanding and experience, let me tell you a few of the keys elements that make an individual a successful Leader. Please note that this list is not in any order, but I feel someone who wants to achieve a good result in life, must follow all or at least most of them.

A) Have a mission and vision in life.

B) Have the courage to prepare a plan to fulfil the vision and take action at the right time. Many times, the right opportunity knocks our door only once.

C) Work hard to achieve the goal.

D) Always be open to move out of the comfort zone and try new things in life.

E) Always have high Emotional Intelligence and be an Active Listener.

F) Think Win-Win.

G) Be a great communicator.

H) Always sharpen your saw!

You are always positive and motivated; what keeps you going?

Motivation is one of the key characteristics of a successful Leader. Personally, I get motivated when, I can see others life is being transformed through me; I get a chance to do something in which I am good at, where I follow my heart; move out of my comfort zone and do something different, something new.

We would love to know your advice for all those starting out?

In the first, you must identify what is that you are good at. Secondly, from there, identify your super niche. Being an entrepreneur is not easy in India because of a negative mindset.

Until you are coming from a business family, our education system, society always produces labourer. So, the moment, you will decide to become an entrepreneur, there will be lots of pressure from everyone around you.

You first need to ask yourself, are you ready to take the risk? Secondly, first few years, you will have to work hard and cannot afford to lose hope.

But the good thing is – if you are planning to get into service-based entrepreneurship, then with the Internet revolution, your monetary investment will be low, but the return will be high. So, keep a positive mind, be ready to face the social consequences and work hard to fulfil your dream.


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