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Dimple Sharma

At BrilliantRead Media, it is our constant endeavour to bring meaningful and powerful stories from India and around the world to empower and motivate our growing community. As part of this, we invited Dimple Sharma for an exclusive interview with us. Dimple is a Young and Passionate Entrepreneur, Leader, Coach, Trainer, Healer, Mentor and Influencer. Let’s learn more about her incredible journey, her background and her advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Dimple:

We are aware of your contributions to the ecosystem; talk us through your background and your journey, please;

Yes, I would love to share my rollercoaster ride with you all. I am Dimple Sharma from Punjab. I was a CA FINAL student I started my CA in 2014, not out of Passion but I knew k mujhe yeh krna hoga agr mujhe apni respect bnaaniii and financial freedom k liye yeh mere friends ka dream tha and mene bhi register krva liya and after this real game started mene foundation ka 1st attempt start kra and failed life mei first time fail huyi.

And fear bachpann se hi tha fail hone ka and ab toh start hua tha visible manifest hona. I failed again again and again. and after a time mei yeh apne ego peh le gyii and To prove the society that I am not dumb.

Log once in a year fail hote hai but mei 2 years mei ek baar result dekhti thi . mujhe smjh nahi aa rha tha k yeh sab ho kyu rha. bcz jese hi exams aate thay mei apna temper loose kr detii thi and apne aap ko pehle hi failure ka tag detiii thi.

But at that time beside of all the negativity I easily motivate others on how to pass the exams and how to deal with failure but I was not applying upon myself and limits of my patience crossed and I went into depression.

Suicidial thoughts aane lge k yeh kya ho rha but I just want to kill myself and I started hating myself and then shridevi died due to water and all but after watching news mujhe paani se darr lgne lga height se darr lgne lgaa and raat ko fear hota tha k kuch galat hoga mere saath and raat ko chilaane lg jaati thi bcz mei hostel mei rehti thi toh yeh sab story parents ko nahi pta tha k mere saath kya ho rha.

And one day I went to psychiatrist and when they started checking me up I started crying bcz woh mei nahi thi and during corona I went into more depression I had a fear of death bcz I was not strong enough physically to face all these. bcz I was blood pressure patient.

And my condition started going wirst and worst but don’t knw deep down mujhe hope tha k meri yeh life nahi hai and then I got to know about hawaiyan prayer and law of attraction and I started practicing it and within 30 days my life started unfolding from Dec 21 I was feeling very low and I went with my friends to a trade fair other girls also wanted to join them in taking swing and firstly I resisted k mujhe darr lgta hai mei nahi baith skti but ousii time for the first time ever I listened to my inner voice.

A voice came from inside that was so clear and crystal. there were thousands of people around me but I was able to hear my inner voice and that voice was saying to me that GO DIMPLE GO SCREAM AS MUCH AS YOU WANT THERE NONE GONNA JUDGE YOU.”

And I took a step forwand and sat on the swing by holding that swing so tightly and closed my eyes and I screamed a lot. I think all people can easily observe me but miracle happened after a second I started laughing and and at that very same moment I loosened the grip, put my hands up cheerfully and started cheering others girls too. I laughed uncontrollably that day. It was such a huge release of all the pent up negative energy trapped inside me for a long – oh a very long time.

This is small story from my side bhut kuch tha from childhood let me share with you one thing I don’t believe in astrology I was soo young I think 12/13 years old. mere parents ne kundlii bnvaayi thi meri and jo mujhe achii nahi lgii thi bcz jo ous mei likha tha mei nahi thi.

Deep down mujhe intuition thi k mei bhut hi aage jaayu gi and mene ous kundlii ko tear off kiya and burn kr diya and at that I had I thought in my mind that only I knew about myself no one else can decide my journey.

And mei religious places mei jaatii thi but mujhe woh satisfaction nahi milta tha then mei spirituality mei aayii toh thoda pta chlne lgaa like kuch feel hua k yha se mujhe kuch mil skta hai. and now mei kisi bhi religious place mei jaatiii hu whether it is mandir masjid, church and gurudwara I feel very peaceful and satisfied .

At the end I only want to say that find god within yourself and then go out. Very famous saying if you make peace with yourself only then you can make peace with others so first work upon yourself.

Dimple Sharma

How did you discover your passion ‘Coaching’?

Yes very important and wonderful question like how I found my passion and life purpose. from childhood only I adore sandeep maheshwari like I wanted to be like him full of energy and knowledge.

And also I love helping and guiding others . but jese jese age badiii limiting belief aane lgee sab se bdaa belief tha schooling ka I studied from local board of Punjab toh mujhe yeh tha k mei kese kuch kr skti hu due to language barrier.

But when I started working upon myself, I got to know that every person is perfect and full of knowledge but this knowledge and perfection will come out only if we allow it.

So I transformed my life iss se mujhe yeh toh pta chal gya tha k if I can coach myself then I can coach anyone in this world because we all are one at soul level . soo in DEC 22 I Started coaching people and that action was totally out of inspiration. bcz kahin na kahin I was thinking k mujhe aur prepare krna hai and fir start kru gi and one contrast came into my life.

And then mene apni self worth ko dekha toh I took inspired action and on 11dec I started my first batch with name of 21 days miraculous class. And before dec 22 I transformed lives of 21 people within 21 days.

Like I had no plans that what I am going to teach I totally surrendered to the universe and believed in myself and now my second batch is going on.

Each and every person is experiencing miracles in all areas of there life.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

I think universe or we can say god is holding my hands from childhood only bcz mere itna nagetive hone k baad mei kahin na kahin mujhe hope or trust tha that someone is there who is working for me and after sometime of facing failures I started taking all things especially failures positively k mujhe yeh kuch sikhana chahte hai and mujhe woh seekhna hai.

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

First of all my biggest source of motivation is my desired life I always had a desire to live my life happily and joyfully. I believed in my big dreams and them my mom dad, my brother Deepak, my best friend who all were there in my rollercoaster ride like life.

By god grace my mom dad are very very supportive . like I just feel blessed mene kabhi unko khud hi nahi bola tha out of the fear k CA meri line nahi hai bcz mujhe yeh tha they invested in me a lot toh mei kese bol skti hu but jis din mene bola k yeh mera field nahi hai ousi din they said do whatever you want fly high in the sky whole sky is waiting for you and sky is yours limits soo my biggest motivation is my family and that the only reason I never took the wrong step bcz mujhe pta tha mere parents bhut pyaar and trust krte h mujhe that’s the only thing saved me from suicide.

What are some of the strategies that you believe has helped you grow as a person?

There are a few:

> Being yourself

> Accept yourself

> Take 100% responability of whatever going on in your life only then we can forgive ourselves

> Always learn something new and push your limiting beliefs

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

I will say it straight that there are many factors but if you really have to have the key elements then to me these are the ones:

(a) Accepting & Loving myself.

(b) Responsibility for my actions

(c) Standing up for myself

(d) Loving myself

(e) Making peace with ourselves

(f) Positive Attitude

(g) Be a great learner not a perfectionist

Dimple Sharma

What advice would you give to our readers?

I am 25 only but I want to give one advice – It doesn’t matter how difficult situ-ation you are in, always have desire to live life happily. Only one percent action is needed and rest the universe will conspire for you.

Aaj bhi mei apne class k students ko bolti hu you don’t need to take much action one basic and most important thing is required that is I want to change my life after that the whole universe will conspire to work for you and one more thing take your responsibility and forgive yourself and everyone.

Forgiveness is very very important if you want to increase the speed of your happiness, manifestation and obviously life. I manifested myself only and here I am in front of you all.”

Thirdly I want to say love yourself as much as you can and always expect from yourself. Be selfish only then you can become selfless.

Last but not least, what about your journey makes it satisfying/exciting?

Yes, I living the life of my dreams bcz I love to help and guide others my misson is to heal each any human being of this planet earth these days I rescue people who are not living there life to the fullest and I am helping them to being the best version of themselves this is just a starting of my beautiful journey.

One more thing I want add for students don’t think about society k log kya bolegey agr mene yeh course na kiya find your passion and make it profession.

Kuch toh log kahegey logo ka kaam h kehna choroo bekaar ki baton ko kahin beet na jaaye raina. thank you for reading my journey for the first time ever I wrote my story.

Love your life and live your life, trust the divinity. Thankyouu.


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