Interview with Namrata Chawla | Corporate Trainer and Coach | Motivational Speaker | Consultant | Founder at Mindmines

Namrata Chawla

At BrilliantRead Media, we always strive to bring meaningful and powerful stories from India and around the world to empower and motivate our growing community. As part of this endeavour, we invited Namrata Chawla for an exclusive interview with us. Namrata is an Entrepreneur, Leader, Trainer, Mentor, Consultant, Influencer, Change Enabler and Founder at Mindmines. Let’s learn more about her incredible journey, her background, and her advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Namrata :

Could you please talk us through your background and your journey?

I have graduated from the esteemed institution in the bustling capital city of Delhi, I have had a dynamic career trajectory marked by entrepreneurial prowess and a passion for fostering growth.

Right from a tender age, I spearheaded two retail ventures, demonstrating remarkable acumen and drive. However, drawn by a deeper sense of purpose, I transitioned to coaching.

With an innate openness and finely tuned emotional intelligence, I possess a unique ability to accurately perceive situations and individuals, thus facilitating informed decision-making and personalized training interventions.”

My affable nature transcends age barriers, allowing me to effortlessly connect with diverse groups. I also have a deep spiritual inclination and have dedicated significant effort to my spiritual development and enlightenment.

As a trainer, facilitator, and ICF-trained Coach, I have over 12 years of experience in delivering soft skills and behavioral interventions to corporate clients and individuals. I am certified in MBTI and NLP and have a master’s degree in counseling psychology. I work with diverse groups and sectors, including startups, education, healthcare, and finance, to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

My training sessions are customized to the needs and objectives of each client, covering areas such as leadership development, team building, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. I use real-world scenarios, interactive methods, and feedback mechanisms to enhance the learning outcomes and effectiveness of the training.”

I also provide counseling services to clients who seek support and guidance in overcoming their challenges, enhancing their well-being, and developing their potential. My mission is to ignite the spark within individuals and teams that enable them to reach unparalleled heights in their performance and growth.

Despite the challenges, what keeps you going when things get tough?

“You can grow or you can be comfortable. But you cannot do both at the same time.”

This is my mantra that I live my life by and face challenges and adversity. It has always kept me going and achieving personal and professional growth. It has helped me to learn to embrace adversity, tackle it head-on, not retreat from it.

I have been able to develop resilience through my mindfulness and spirituality. The ability to bounce back from setbacks is crucial to living a wholesome life.

My spiritual practice has helped me cultivate a coping mechanism and enthusiasm.”

Viewing challenges as an opportunity for personal growth, embracing new experiences and acquiring new skills has always been empowering for me. And above all recognizing what you’re grateful for can provide the perspective and motivation to keep going.

Namrata Chawla

What are the three most important lessons you have learned in your life?

Self-acceptance is the most important ingredient to foster authenticity and self-love, Finding my Ikigai, my reason for being the intersection of my passion, mission, profession and vocation which has allowed me to live a more fulfilling life.

Forgive yourself and others – letting go of resentment and grudges is hugely liberating.”

Live in the present moment, be mindful, cultivate awareness, clarity and emotional balance.

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?

Clear long-term goals along with meticulous strategic planning along with hard work and perseverance.

Right set of knowledge skills and attitudes sprinkled with emotional intelligence to navigate social dynamics and manage conflicts constructively.

Lastly, self-discipline to stay focused, manage distractions, set boundaries and periodize tasks to stay on track.

What advice would you give to students and young professionals who want to have a successful career?

In this ever-changing business landscape its so important for young professionals to have a growth mindset and be open to learning and keep themselves updated with the industry trends, advancements in technology, innovations, market shifts so that they can make the most of the emerging opportunities in their relevant field.

Being proactive, flexible and demonstrating initiative enables them to grab leadership roles and grow in their career trajectory.

Creating a strong network of professionals and finding a mentor to support you as you navigate your career path is imperative for long-term success.

Lastly, invest in your skill development and practical experiences to enhance employability. Cultivating highly valued soft skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, collaboration and critical thinking skills.


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