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As part of our relentless efforts to identify and share some of the meaningful stories from India and around the world, this week we invited Neelam for an interview with us. Neelam is a Coach, Healer, Mentor, Spiritual Coach & Consultant, Tarot Reader and Therapist. Let’s read more about her background, her inspiring journey so far and her advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Neelam:

Talk us through your background and your beautiful journey so far, please;

Each and every step of your life takes you closer to your life purpose- so don’t blame yourself or question yourself if you feel dissatisfied where you are and aspire to look for that true inner calling. My journey is pretty much summed up in the above statement.

It took me 8 years and over 10 job switches to find my true self. You can check my Linkedin profile to confirm! Lol!- each of my work experiences has contributed to my learning and I have been lucky to find some fantastic mentors always- just that I hope they forgive the shock that I gave them with my abrupt resignation. Tarot for me has always been like a sacred space. Since childhood I was always pulled towards knowing what’s beyond the eyes can perceive.

I was in class 5 when I first saw tarot in a magazine and then tried learning it through YouTube. However, I kept pursuing my education and landed in a corporate job like usual. My learning was through youtube, Instagram etc. it’s only during the pandemic I got a chance to work on my skills and develop it further. I learnt Energy science as a skillset from my mentor in the USA.”

I started my channel on youtube along with my job and since the response was good. It encouraged me to take it further. That’s how Mishi Blue tarot & MBM_crystals was established. Since I got here, I have always pushed myself to provide an overall solution to anyone who comes to me. This is the main reason why I ventured into crystals.

I can go on writing but this is a brief sketch of how I got here. To enhance my skills further I am pursuing a degree in counselling and therapy as well.

How did you discover your passion?

“The things that you are attracted to since childhood are not random- they are connected to your purpose” I understood this. With so many job switches and the constant seeker attitude I at least figured out that I was looking for something.”

Even though all my jobs paid me well and I did some great work, I always felt I could do more. This “more” was something that was a big mystery in my life till I got my first client for a tarot session through Youtube. I still remember her name. When she smiled after her first session I got the answer to the “more”

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

The satisfaction of my clients is what drives me. The respect that they have for me and the simplicity that they have on their face after they figure out a solution is what drives me and it’s something that will be going on and on.

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

I think my struggles and challenges have been my biggest motivation. It might sound sadistic but that’s the truth.

“Happiness is not the absence of problems. It is the ability to learn to deal with it and this is what we call the journey of life”

The day I started to practise this thought- everything around me started to motivate me.


What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a person?

I will go in chronological order:

(1) I live in the present

(2) The only one who is going to be with you forever is YOU

(3) Respecting my time- by valuing people who value my time

(4) I started to understand the difference between PAUSE & PROCRASTINATION

(5) I make mistakes

(6) I learn and unlearn- a mix of both is important

You are always positive and motivated, what keeps you going?

I follow the 5 min rule –

Basically, the law of attraction is working all the goddamn time and if I waste my time being negative I will land up manifesting that thought. Keeping this in mind, my thought process has gotten trained that way.

We are humans- during the day, even if you are feeling ultra-positive, there are parts of the day when you feel a little down- it’s ok! But don’t let that feeling rule you for more than 5 mins.

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?

Success is the by-product of your skillset.

Focus on enhancing your skills, figure out your ikigai and life will never disappoint you.

What advice would you give students and young professionals who want to have a successful career?


> You find the best example in the animal kingdom. Snakes would die if they don’t isolate themself to shed skin. A pause to let go of the old and patience to let the new come in is important.

> Don’t stop yourself from taking risks in the fear of making mistakes. You will either be successful or you will learn. In both ways, you are growing.

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