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Rakhi Bhatt

At BrilliantRead Media, we always strive to bring meaningful and powerful stories from India and around the world to empower and motivate our growing community. As part of this endeavour, we invited Rakhi Bhatt for an exclusive interview with us. Rakhi is an Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Healer, Coach and Influencer. Let’s learn more about her incredible journey, background, and advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Rakhi:

Talk us through your background and your journey, please?

I was born in a middle-class Brahmin family where all are working in the government sector so I was always under pressure to take a government job but fortunately or unfortunately I couldn’t get it. I took admission in Library science course against my will because of my family background.

I worked 12 years as a librarian in institutions and private schools. But I was unhappy somewhere I always felt something better in life. But somehow 2020 was the year where all lost there careers but I found my passion and interest.

Rakhi Bhatt

How did you discover your passion?

My journey started as a spiritual healer or reader in 2020. I lost my job and that was very depressing for me to stay at home, I took healing for myself I found interesting so decided to learn.

I switched my 14 years career to Tarot reader and healer but I feel mental peace.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

I believe in karma I feel if you work hard without asking definitely things will come back with interest.

So be loyal with your work. I feel I have so much more to give, to heal and to learn. Besides all these I always show gratitude, this is the only strength I feel when you show gratitude for whatever you are having.

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

My life completely changed after learning all these. Motivation comes from different situation everyone has past where they learnt to change their life and make strong themselves. I believe circumstances are the major reason of change and motivation.

You are the only one who can motivate yourself no one can help in this if you feel lonely people start avoiding you so I believe in myself.

What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a person?

> Always be motivated by your work

> Love yourself

> Gratitude

> Do as your soul say

> Do not harm intentionally to anyone

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

– Curiosity

– Acceptance

– Positive Attitude

– Hard work

– Consistency

– Follow your heart and go for it.

Rakhi Bhatt

What advice would you give to our readers?

Everything comes on their divine time. As a healer, I strongly believe if you deserve it later or sooner you will get.

Do not give up. Do your work and trust on the process and wait patiently.

Good things do come definitively if we wait patiently.

Last but not least, what about your journey makes it satisfying/exciting?

To heal others where you feel you were weak once in your life. You were looser once upon a time now in the present you are the strongest one in the same situation.


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