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Sidharth Jain

At BrilliantRead Media, our aim is to bring to our community some of the finest stories from the leadership world. As part of this endeavour, we invited a passionate entrepreneur – Sidharth Jain for an exclusive interview with us. Sidharth is an entrepreneur, programmer, web developer, and consultant. He is the Founder and CEO of Graffersid. Let’s learn more about his exciting journey, his background and his advice for our growing community:

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Sidharth:

Talk us through your background and your journey as an entrepreneur, please;

I am very optimistic towards life and I always believed in “never giving up” attitude.

I am an ordinary boy, born and raised in Barwaha, 60 km far from Indore. After completing my schooling from Indore, I decided to go to Mumbai for further studies.

In the initial days of my college life, I came across many obstacles and I knew that I had to pass it so I was already prepared for it.

I am fond of coding and that took me to learn new programming languages and grabbed every opportunity that came my way.”

As a tech-enthusiast, I aimed at helping various startups through trending technologies.

What attracts you towards entrepreneurship instead of a corporate career?

I always wanted the technologies to be the power of startups and I am very supportive to entrepreneurs who put all their time, money and energy in building the career they are passionate about.

While working in MNC in the early stages, one of my colleagues told me how disturbed he is because his product is not market fit even after executing stages of the development cycle and from there the idea of entrepreneurship banged me.

My aim was to make people aware of trending technologies and increase the startup success rate.

Team Graffersid

What does your company specialise in?

GraffersID is a Website and Mobile Application Development Company started in 2017 with the aim of increasing startups success rate.

80% of startups working with GraffersID have increased their funding. Thus, we specialize in taking startups’ success rate to 100% through trending technologies.”

Our audience would love to know what kind of problem you are solving.

GraffersID is an award-winning Website and Mobile App Development Company.

Our portfolio has startups from YCombinator, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, Harvard’s Incubation and other reputed VCs. We have 20+ Unicorns globally working with us as of today.”

We are renowned for creating marketing-fit user-centric Websites and Mobile Apps. We work with the process of gathering requirements, in which we discuss the project with clients, prepare documentation and discuss the loopholes along with the possible solution of making it a market fit product.

Designing UI/UX, after discussing loopholes if any, we start with the prototyping process of making graphic designs of the Website and Mobile application that give you an idea of the final product.

Development, after testing the prototype with real customers we make the final changes and start with the development of the final product. We test the final product once again before launching it to the end customers.

Maintenance and SEO, after the launch of the application, we provide maintenance and SEO services to our clients to attract initial customers.

During this COVID-19 crisis, what are the measures you have undertaken to continue your business without disruption?

Amid COVID-19 each business was impacted severely and many companies faced downfall and were forced to shut down their businesses that led to unemployment.

But there were other IT companies including GraffersID that were leading the technology sector during COVID times.

We started focusing on the hiring process; we hired a lot many talented individuals who are seeking opportunities. We didn’t allow the bad phase to affect our work. We conducted virtual meets and took regular updates from our employees.

Also, there was successful funding due to my experience of working with YCombinator Startups, Sequoia funded Startups.

Team Graffersid

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

Learning and adapting knowledge is the key to success. Every business faces challenges but overcoming it with a positive approach works at last.

In the initial days of my career, I faced the issue of gaining clients’ trust. As a new start-up, we didn’t have any portfolio that could win the clients trust, thus, we came up with the solution.

We prepared a Free Landing Page as a value proposition. Also, we created a free design for our clients to showcase our skills and knowledge.

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

I love what I do and this is what keeps me motivated. I enjoy working for people and love to engage with new individuals. Building happy relations is the biggest asset for any business.

What are the business mantras you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?

The greatest success mantra for my GraffersID is when our customers refer our company to their family and friends.

What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a person?

One of the strategies I follow is sticking to saying NO. We don’t have any sales team, but we still bring various clients through marketing campaigns.”

Before working with any clients or any technical company, our team understands the concept and discusses the loopholes and then brings out the possible solution to make their product worth the market.

This strategy helped GraffersID to connect with considerable number of clients and we started getting many referrals.

What are the three most important lessons you have learned building your startup?

(a) Facing ups and downs is a part of the business but patience and never losing hope will help your business grow.

(b) Be patient and do not expect a sudden growth in the starting.

(c) Focus on the purpose and create values, build happy relations with your clients.

Sidharth Jain

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?

My belief is to work with the purpose of bringing a smile to someone’s life. Money will come and go, but the purpose stays forever.”

Efforts matter a lot, once the incident happened where one of my US-based clients had pitched in front of the world’s best investor and the duration given was just 2 months. But we didn’t let them down and finished the product with the efforts and hard work of our developers and other team members.

So, the effort is the major key to success. Work with a purpose, put yourself completely into it until the task is done and then see the results.

What advice would you give students and young professionals who want to have a successful career?

Believe in yourself and do not fear making mistakes. Failing, experimenting and making mistakes is a part of life. Degrees are nothing in front of Talent. Experiment yourself and try to make the best out of it.

Entrepreneurship won’t be possible without determination, passion and experiment. You will fail many times but never losing hope of rising one day is what matters.


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