20 Best Benny Blanco Quotes On Life, Music, Success And His Net Worth As Of 2019

Best Benny Blanco Quotes

Best Benny Blanco Quotes On Life, Music, Success And His Net Worth As Of 2019

Benjamin Joseph Levin originally known as Benny Blanco, is an American record producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

As a young producer and songwriter, he manages to be on top of 100 million album sales worldwide due to his work with artists including Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kesha, Sia, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Wiz Khalifa, and Kanye West.

He is also the founder of two labels in collaboration with Interscope Records, Mad Love Records and Friends Keep Secrets.

He has a Net Worth of $16 million dollars as of 2019

Born – March 8, 1988 Reston, Virginia


Here are some of the Best Benny Blanco Quotes


“I’m not deciding what the artist is going to write about because it’s the artist. They’re gonna have to sing that song for the rest of their life. When they’re old and they’re 80 and they have their show in Vegas, they’re gonna have to sing that song for the rest of their life.” -Benny Blanco

“Always be different; don’t follow the rules. don’t do what anyone tells you. Do not use the same sounds as people; don’t use the same drums as people.” -Benny Blanco


Benny Blanco Quotes

“Most of the time when people work with an artist, they don’t give them what they need for the future, they give them what their last album sounded like. So it’s like, ‘Oh, One Republic needs a song, why don’t we send them 10 that sound like ‘Apologize?’.” -Benny Blanco

“I let the song come to me. Then that thing comes to you, and you just know what that thing is. Music isn’t like a 9-to-5 job. You never know. It’s just the most unpredictable thing.” -Benny Blanco


Top Best Benny Blanco Quotes

“When you’re making music, it’s meant to be shared with people. Sometimes, even if I’m writing a song, someone else brings a vibe. There’s something different about it. If someone can play a better bassline than me, I’ll let them do it. I’m just here to fit in and see where it goes.” -Benny Blanco


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“I am still waiting for the day that they say, ‘Time up, Blanco. Back to your shift at Walmart’.” -Benny Blanco


Benny Blanco Best Quotes

“I used to cold call labels and pretend I was one of their artist’s attorneys. I’d say, ‘This is Jay-Z’s attorney, we need to speak with Craig Kallman,’ you know, owner of Atlantic, and they’d say, ‘Right away,’ and then I’d be like, ‘Please just listen to my demo tape!’.” -Benny Blanco

“I’m not particularly good at anything. I’m not an incredible guitarist or piano player or songwriter. I think what I do is, when I notice someone is really good at something, I try to get that out of them.” -Benny Blanco


Benny Blanco Quotes on life

“In hip hop, it’s a lot more about lacing a hot track. I start it, I help mix it, I help write it, I help produce it, I cut the person’s vocals. I’m involved from the beginning to the end of a song. I’m not just giving someone a beat, you know?” -Benny Blanco

“I just want to sound different than everyone else. Don’t care if it sounds bad. I just want people to be like, ‘Yo, that dude Benny was different.’ Even if it sounds awful, at least they can’t say, ‘Oh well, I’ve heard that before’.” -Benny Blanco


Benny Blanco Quotes on life


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“I try to listen to over a hundred different songs a day. I listen to every single thing. If you’re just listening to pop music, you’re just gonna make pop music. I listen to Adele, Yo Yo Ma, Gucci Mane.” -Benny Blanco

“Pop songs are like a D.J. set crammed into three minutes.” -Benny Blanco


Best Quotes by Benny Blanco

“I’m not a huge L.A. fan, but I go there for the winter every year. We usually rent a house and have massive house parties.” -Benny Blanco


“I can be at my house sitting there making music alone, and every single time I’ve ever done that the first thing I do when I’m done, no matter if it’s 4 in the morning… I literally just pick up my phone and I call someone.” -Benny Blanco


Benny Blanco success quotes

“Here’s the thing… when people start making music, they start borrowing styles from other people, because that’s what you do. You start by recreating hip-hop beats you’ve heard from other people, or you start mimicking other people, or you’re just listening to stuff.” -Benny Blanco


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“I don’t want to make music alone in a dark studio and make me feel awful and depressed. I want to make music and feel happy and get to share it with people.” – Benny Blanco


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“When you’re like, ‘Yo, we gotta write a hit song, we need a hit song right now,’ that never works. Every time that happens, I never write a hit song.” -Benny Blanco

“Is it easy for me to write from a female point of view? Yeah, I am a female. I’m a very sensitive type of guy. I try to put my female hat on and think how a female would think. If I’m watching ‘The Notebook,’ I’m definitely gonna cry. I cried during ‘E.T.’ too.” -Benny Blanco


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“I actually believe that you should not wash your jeans, ever. In Japan, they actually put them in the freezer. That kills the bacteria and makes them not smell anymore.” -Benny Blanco


“Sometimes you’re gonna write a song and it’s not gonna be right from the beginning. And you’re just gonna have to work through that wall. But if you know something is there, you’ve gotta just keep doing it until you get it right. So, I’ll work on a song for three months if I have to, to get it right.” -Benny Blanco


Benny Blanco Quotes on life


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