30 Best Jon Kabat Zinn Quotes On Mindfulness

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Powerful Jon Kabat Zinn Quotes On Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn (born Jon Kabat, June 5, 1944) is Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness.


Here are the best Quotes by Jon Kabat Zinn on Meditation and Mindfulness:


“Perhaps the most “spiritual” thing any of us can do is simply to look through our own eyes, see with eyes of wholeness, and act with integrity and kindness.” – Jon Kabat Zinn



“Writing can be an incredible mindfulness practice.”-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Best Mindfulness Quotes

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“It is indeed a radical act of love just to sit down and be quiet for a time by yourself.”


“Make a list of what is really important to you. Embody it.”


“When you pay attention to boredom it gets unbelievably interesting.”


“Note that this journey is uniquely yours, no one else’s. So the path has to be your own. You cannot imitate somebody else’s journey and still be true to yourself. Are you prepared to honor your uniqueness in this way?”


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”


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“It is what makes us human, what distinguishes us from other animals. We can be aware of being aware.”


“Mindfulness practice means that we commit fully in each moment to be present; inviting ourselves to interface with this moment in full awareness, with the intention to embody as best we can an orientation of calmness, mindfulness, and equanimity right here and right now.”


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“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”

Meditation Mindfulness Quotes

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“The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”


“If we hope to go anywhere or develop ourselves in any way, we can only step from where we are standing. If we don’t really know where we are standing… We may only go in circles…”


“See If You Can Give Yourself Gifts That May Be True Blessings, Such As Self-Acceptance” – Jon Kabat Zinn

Meditation Quotes

“Just watch this moment, without trying to change it at all. What –  is happening, you feel, do you see, you hear?”


“Intelligence is the door to freedom and alert attention is the mother of intelligence.”


“Even before smartphones and the Internet, we had many ways to distract ourselves. Now that’s compounded by a factor of trillions.”


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“You make problem, you have problem”


“At the deepest level, there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient… only the universe rearranging itself.”


“Wherever you go, there you are”


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“Patience is a form of wisdom. It demonstrates that we understand and accept the fact that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.”


“Just stopping, is a radical act of sanity and love.”


“We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now.”


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“All the suffering, stress and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.”


“No one can listen to your body for you… To grow and heal, you have to take responsibility for listening to it yourself.”


“The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment to moment.”


“Meditation is the only intentional, systematic human activity which at the bottom is about not trying to improve yourself or get anywhere else, but simply to realize where you already are.”


“From the perspective of meditation, every state is a special state, every moment a special moment.”


“When awareness embraces the senses, it enlivens them.” – Jon Kabat Zinn

Best Mindfulness Quotes

“Healing is a coming to terms with things as they are, rather than struggling to force them to be as they once were, or as we would like them to be, to feel secure or to have what we sometimes think of as our own way.”


30th of 30 Jon Kabat Zinn Quotes

“Most people think that to meditate, I should feel a particular special something, and if I don’t, then I must be doing something wrong.”


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