How to break into Instagram’s charts?

How to break into Instagram’s charts?

Instagram likes are a common occurrence on the social network. A large number of hearts below a post allows it to reach the top 9 of publications by hashtag and raise the profile’s ranking. It is used by both young accounts and bloggers with millions of followers.  It’s used by a number of different methods, some white and some black, which we’ll discuss below.

The internet is full of sites offering to buy instagram followers, likes and reposts. You can do it for money or for free. The latter option involves performing tasks: likes, views, videos, subscriptions, etc. It means you help promote other profiles and earn points. 

Creating a large number of “likes” for free takes a significant amount of your time. This method is appropriate if your profile is young, not many reactions are required or you want to test the platform. Anyway you are in power to buy instagram followers to become popular in a short time. 

Why do You need real followers?

~It is an indicator of quality. An account with active followers can generate income and attract additional people.

~A high number of active readers is an opportunity to become an insta-blogger and this is something that many people strive for.

~The level of trust from the community. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the scam, which means you lose the few people who are subscribed.

~With activity in your feed, publications will be more likely to get into the top of the list and recommendations.

~Earnings from advertising.

How to get more likes on photos 

Use Light Pics 

Blonde pics get more reactions than darker ones. Of course, they should be of high quality. You can use low saturation filters if your target audience likes it.

Add the Right Hashtags

This will help you reach the top of your publications and gain more likes. Don’t use a lot of high-frequency tags. Your post will instantly go down in flames. Add medium-frequency hashtags (from 10,000 to 100,000 posts). With these, your post will stay at the top for longer, generating more reactions and possibly new followers.

Use Geolocation

Pointing out where the photo was taken, or even just geotagging, is a great way to engage your audience. It’s a great method of promoting a local business (beauty salon, workshop, physical shop). Geotags help attract more attention and therefore gather more likes.

Keep your text short and to the point

Keep your descriptions short and to the point, unless you are writing an informative post. Write in a succinct, interesting way. Tags are better separated from the main text, you can put them in the first comment to have more space.

Organize Contests

One condition might be to like one or more posts. This will noticeably increase audience engagement, which is beneficial for the promotion of your profile.


Like-taking on Instagram is necessary to build the reputation of a promoted account. Of course, photo service does not welcome cheating, so it is important to be careful with the recruitment: do not exceed the limits, do not use bots and high speed. You can get acquainted with the recruitment of free services, then switch to paid services. But in any case, you have to work on the quality of your account and use white promotion methods. Only they will allow you to get quality subscribers and clients. 

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