Indian Women: From Traditions to Modern Age

Indian Women

It is not a secret that women always took lower positions in society compared to men, and India was not an exception. But things change over time.

What do you know about Indian women? If you don’t live there, the chances are high that your knowledge is pretty limited. Indeed, most people find some new info about these girls either from classic Bollywood movies or news flesh on the Internet. And while you are watching beautiful and joyful women on a TV screen dancing in a sari, women continue to face injustice in the real world.

People are used to the tradition that a woman is either the “attachment” to a man, being his daughter or wife, or a heart and home keeper. In both cases, a woman is deprived of decision-making power and completely depends on a man’s will. For example, she cannot turn to a professional academic writing service or cut her hair if her husband is against it. Fortunately, times are changing, and people begin to raise acute issues and openly speak about all “wrong” traditions and laws. Modern Indian women try to do their best to make a difference and change society’s attitude to a woman in the Indian culture. They have started holding high positions and have an influence on society in general. Who are these brave and incredible women?

Zia Moody

Every life sphere has a list of undoubted leaders, and it is interesting that a woman represents the corporate law in India. She runs the company AZB & Partners that can boast of an impressive list of victories. Thus, they legally represented Reliance Industries Ltd (one of the richest Indian companies) and helped close an online deal valued at $20 billion in FDI while the whole world was in lockdown. This woman has a tremendous influence on different areas in her homeland. Her company has participated in restructuring various facilities and actively cooperates with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

The last year has turned the world upside down and changed so many life aspects because of the pandemic. This woman is the owner of two companies, Biocon and Syngene, that significantly contributed to managing the pandemic’s after-effects. Thus, they have designed a biologic drug aimed at dealing with cytokine release syndrome in people who have become the victims of Covid-19. Besides, they have invented a special device that helps purify the blood and raise its oxygen level. So, one can say that her company doesn’t take a back seat but plays an active role in its segment.

Samina Hamied

If you stop a passer-by and ask them several questions, they may hardly know the answer to the query, “Is speedy paper legit?” but they will surely name you some of the health crises the world has already got through. And each time, this incredible woman tried to come to the rescue and make her contribution to the fight with diseases. Her company tried their best to provide Indians with affordable medicines. Last year they represented several effective antivirals and immunosuppressive drugs, specifically created for treating Covid-19. She has established a special fund to help the pandemic’s victims and support the country’s health sector. Many women have money, but not all of them want to help those in need.

Kalli Purie

Back in the days, many people didn’t believe in the rapid development of the digital world, and only those who foresaw the subsequent events have managed to achieve impressive results. Thus, this woman became a Vice-President of the India Today Group four years ago. She has taken this digital game seriously and managed to launch five successful web portals. She has exceeded all the expectations and proved that a woman could become a wise and far-sighted leader. In addition to her career in the TV sector, she supervises the publishing business, including such magazines as Cosmopolitan and India Today. Whenever I feel tired because of tasks and want to find someone who can do my assignment for me, I think about such women and their tremendous intelligence and willpower. Indeed, not every man manages to reach such heights, not to mention a woman, especially considering society’s attitude toward her status and rights.

Roshni Nadar Malhotra

Even though she has got her position thanks to her family ties, having become a chairperson of an IT service company whose fund exceeds $10 billion, she has deserved this position. It didn’t happen all of a sudden because she joined the company’s board seven years before her appointment. Nadar has become the first woman who got such a high position in a top Indian IT company. The IT sector is not the easiest field to work in, considering a huge rivalry and rapid development of technologies. Although she comes from a wealthy family, her appointment is a first step towards strengthening women’s position in society and business.

Schauna & Nadia Chauhan

These beautiful Indian women don’t hold high positions in politics or medicine, but they still deserve to be on the list thanks to their perseverance and workability. They have launched a company that produces various beverages, including fruit-based ones. These smarties have managed to stay on track, even in such a challenging period. Moreover, they have increased their turnover by 11% and made far-reaching plans. Today, they are interested in franchisee manufacturing. The sisters have divided areas of influence, so while one of them handles operations, another goes marketing. They have proven that Indian women have the capabilities, intelligence, and wisdom to run and develop a company.


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