Interview with Anamika Mishra | Certified Leadership and Life Coach | NLP Practitioner | Motivational Speaker

Anamika Mishra

At BrilliantRead Media, we always strive to bring to our community some of the finest stories from the entrepreneurship world. As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate women entrepreneur – Anamika Mishra for an exclusive interview with us. Anamika is an ICF- ACC, credentialed Life and Leadership Coach, NLP Coach, Speaker, Change Enabler, NLP Trainer, Consultant and Mentor. Let’s learn more about her inspiring journey, her background and her advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Anamika:

Talk us through your background and your journey, please;

Ever since my days of childhood till date and maybe further, I recollect my characteristic trait of helping, caring and making the world of others a better place. With around 20 years into teaching, I know that the Universe brought me to a place where I am meant to be, coaching, training, consulting and delivering speeches!

My journey as a Life and Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer has enabled me to touch the lives of hundreds of individuals in a positive way! I am able to help others carve a life of achievement, fulfilment, peace and purpose.

Anamika Mishra

How did you discover your passion in ‘Coaching’?

My instinctive trait is to help others better their life. As a teacher, I did it. As a spiritual-based trainer of healing modalities, I do it and I echo the same as a coach, trainer and speaker! As I told you, that Universe brought me to a place where I am meant to be; Once I left my job as a teacher, I had no idea of what I was going to do.

I started learning Reiki (a healing modality) and then one after the other, many more modalities; got myself certified, credentialed and started teaching the healing modalities. I came across NLP and got certified, then I was exposed to life coaching and then leadership coaching and in a similar vein got myself certified and now I am an ICF-ACC.

In retrospect, I can only say that things started unfurling before me, one after the other; I went with the flow and my consistent diligence and commitment paved the way for success!

When I saw results in the lives of my family members, acquaintances and friends as a result of coaching / mentoring or training sessions, it motivated me further to help others carve a life of achievement, fulfilment, peace and purpose; and enable them to successfully reach their goals!

With so much going on, how do you start the day to keep your passion alive?

I am a super energetic being. I follow my morning rituals and sequence of “doings” that caters to my mind, body and spirit.

Moreover, the happiness, achievements and accomplishments of my clients keep me immensely charged to keep my passion alive!”

How leadership qualities can help with your career or business growth?

Self-leadership, consistency of purpose, compassion, understanding, active listening and focus on self and others enable one to grow their business.

Given the rapid pace at which the world is changing, what are the leadership traits that are necessary for success?

From my perspective traits like:

> Authenticity

> Flexibility,

> Adaptability,

> Resilience

> Self-leadership to begin with.

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?

(a) Authenticity

(b) Accountability

(c) Diligence

(d) Awareness

(e) Presence

(f) Self-leadership along with framework and strategies are the keys to success

We know that you are continuously engaged in helping others achieve their goals. Why do you do that?

It’s immensely fulfilling and gratifying when I see my clients’ life and aspects of their life-transforming for the better and actualising their desired life with my coaching, mentoring or training sessions or programs.

What do the clients say about you?

My clients find me immensely compassionate, optimistic, profound and accountable. In the words of one of my clients, “Anamika Mam has coached me for a few months now and I look forward to each and every session.

She has a calming and deeply attentive presence and with her wise understanding of human nature, she manages to question some of my limiting beliefs, helping me rein in my inner critic, wash off my guilt, and simply get on with life with more joy.  I have had a goal of writing a blog regularly and Anamika has inspired me, helped me pace myself and stay the course.

Anamika has so many tools that make each session an adventure.  Among others are her visualizations that have helped me sculpt my long term goals and get over some of my most limiting beliefs around living in scarcity.  With deep respect and gratitude!

Who are your ideal clients?

I coach senior leaders and driven individuals to actualize their desired aspirations, pragmatic dreams and personal development goals through structured sessions, time tested tools and strategies.

What about your journey makes it satisfying/exciting?

My successful clients’ are my credentials, my awards and rewards; their actualizing and achieving their goals, and desires make my journey gratifying!

Please share with us your recent engagements?

Sure. Besides the coaching, mentoring and training sessions, I engage in Induction programs for students of Engineering colleges, in Faculty Development Programs, and Stress Management Workshops; the most recent one is a webinar in NLP, an innovation in Learning with NCDC.

Anamika Mishra

What are the business mantras you have embraced as you sought to establish your success story?

– To be authentic

– Compassionate

– Diligent and accountable

– Non-judgemental and have a framework to operate from.

– Add value to people’s life!

– Deliver results!

Last but not least, could you please tell us about your signature programmes?

Here I would like to mention HOLISTIC LEADERSHIP, which is a unique concept. It is a training cum coaching program which is realistic and applicable that enables high performing leaders to be in a better “State of being and doing”, integrates higher work morale, effectively manages stress and bridges the gap between theory and reality. It contributes towards organizational growth, success and productivity!

To mention the few benefits of Holistic Leadership:

(1) It provides leaders with effective tools of change, motivation and influence.

(2) Happier leaders and workforce

(3) Unleashes the leaders and their team’s potential amicably!

(4) Finer emotional awareness and control

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