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Dr Shilpi Mohan

At BrilliantRead Media, we always strive to bring meaningful and powerful stories from India and around the world to empower and motivate our growing community. As part of this endeavour, we invited Dr Shilpi Mohan for an exclusive interview with us. Dr Shilpi is an Award-winning Cardiologist. Who is passionate about preventive cardiology. She is a well-recognized holistic healer, a change maker and an influencer who has been helping her clients lead a positive and healthy life. She is the Founder and Owner of Ashvattha Cardiac Care Centre at Secunderabad, Telangana. She is a passionate writer and regular Guest Columnist with the national daily, “The Hitavada”. She is often invited as a guest speaker at various national and international forums to share her advice and learnings. Let’s learn more about her incredible journey, background, and opinion for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Dr Shilpi:

We are aware of your contributions to the ecosystem; talk us through your background and your journey, please;

I was born in a middle-class family and derived lessons of spirituality from my mother and honesty, integrity and aiming for excellence from my father who won a national award from the erstwhile President of India, Gyani Zail Singhji for his service.

I was educated in Kendriya Vidyalaya and cleared Pre-medical and Pre-engineering entrance in the 1st attempt. It was my passion for being a heart specialist that made me join Government Medical College, Jabalpur, MP.

I did super-specialization in Cardiology from the prestigious Army Hospital, Research & Referral, New Delhi and while pursuing the same, had to stay separate from my husband for eight years in the initial years of our marriage. It was his support and sacrifice during those initial days that brought me to this stage.

I worked at various reputed centres all across the country and have an experience in this field for over 15 years now. I am a fellow of various International and National academic societies and also have publications in national and international journals.

Being a Cardiologist, Yoga Trainer, Psychic Healer, Tarot Card Reader, and Chakra and Crystal Healer, I feel that I am more than just a doctor or a physician.

Dr Shilpi Mohan

Where did the idea to start this venture come from? Tell us more about your venture;

I always had a dream of establishing a holistic healing centre which could provide preventive care to patients and shift the focus from Illness to Wellness. Initially, I was looking for venture capitalists to support the cause but then I decided to start small and grow big.

I firmly believe that the right amalgam of indigenous, traditional, contemporary, and modern medicinal disciplines, along with spiritual and alternative practices, can truly bring about a holistic transition in public perception and effectiveness of healthcare in our country. It is only by this approach that we can move from Illness towards Wellness.

Ashvattha Cardiac Care Centre, provides a non-invasive cardiac setup along with Yoga-related guidance, Chakra assessment and healing, and psychic healing under the same roof.

It is a one-stop arrangement for all those who are dealing with various issues in their lives, not just health-related but others as well that have an impact on their psyche and soma. My patients are a part of my extended family and most have been with me for decades.

What were the challenges you encountered in your journey and How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges?

As I tried to focus on completing my education without a gap during my initial years of marriage and now on maintaining a balance between my personal and professional lives, we have two children who are young and require care and support.

That is when most of my friends have college going kids. Moreover, being an army officer’s wife, I have commitments associated with that role too that came along during our times together.

Frequent postings and shifting brought instability too but so far, I have enjoyed balancing both fronts as it has only brought the best out of me all along. I take things as they come and try to do the best I can at that point in time and move ahead in due course.

What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a business/person?

I firmly believe that disease is a manifestation of mental and physical imbalance or disharmony. We cannot just treat a disease per se and leave the root cause unattended, be it unhappiness in life or any other issue troubling the psyche. My idea is to provide my patients with physical, spiritual and psychic healing under one roof.

For me, my work is not a business. It is a passion that is driving me ahead. Its sole purpose is to bring a positive change in the lives of all those whom I come across in whichever way possible. I am just a healer and a conduit between the Ultimate Healer and the Healed. I am just a medium that acts to manifest His wishes into reality.

What keeps you going? What is the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?      

I love reaching out to people. Being a Cardiologist, Yoga Trainer, Psychic Healer, Tarot Card Reader, Chakra and Crystals Healer, I feel that I am more than just a doctor or a physician.

Moving out of my limited forays and the tags that are associated with me, it is my experience that the extended role a person can play in healing and bringing about a change in the lives of other people is the key force that drives me.

Dr Shilpi Mohan

How did Covid’19 impact your business and what measures did you take to overcome the challenges?

COVID brought me closer to my patients through the telemedicine platform. Many of the patients whom I had not met offline connected with me on virtual platforms during COVID times and are now part of my extended “Ashvattha Cardiac Care” family.

In your opinion what are the keys to success that can prove to be helpful for young professionals wanting to have a successful career?

I never treat any work opportunity as big or small. I have worked at the remotest of places in Jammu and Kashmir where my husband was posted, as well as the biggest cardiac centres be it in Delhi/ NCR or Hyderabad.

It does not matter to me if I see one patient in a day or hundreds of them because I truly believe that, for every patient who comes to me with hope, I am the absolute healer.

If I can bring about a change in a single person’s life, it will have a multi-fold impact on the lives of all those associated with him. The number game or patient volumes are just relative indices that we delude ourselves with.

A decade ago, my heart was into preventive cardiology but that time, interventional cardiology was the in thing. I too cleared the requisite entrance tests for a fellowship in interventional cardiology, in none other than the Narayana Hrudayalaya in Bengaluru.

I joined the fellowship but left it in mid-session as my heart was not into it. I thought I should rather focus on opening a big preventive cardiology centre and so delayed my prospects, waiting for a lucky break.

In due course, I realized that one can start small and then take a big leap. Any dream that one sees is not something small or big. It is a dream. It has to manifest.

What are some of the awards & accolades you have received so far?

I am married to an Army officer who is serving the nation and is posted in Kyrgyzstan. I am a regular guest columnist at The Hitavada newspaper, a Cardiologist, psychic healer, painter and yoga trainer.

I have been invited as a guest speaker at various national and international forums. 

Awards & Accolades:

> Most Prominent Cardiologist of the year 2019 in Secunderabad – (Prime Time Research Media)

> Enterprise Woman of the Year 2022 – Health and Wellness (BIZOX Media Network Private Limited)

> Most Promising Holistic Healer 2022 (Zee Health).

What advice would you give to our readers?   

Never let the challenges that come your way be an excuse for your failure or for not pursuing your dreams. Life is too short to be lived with regrets.

Keep moving and shed off type-casted roles. I personally follow the mantra of “Ikigai”.  A path is made where footsteps are left and seen.

Dr Shilpi Mohan

Last but not least, what about your journey makes it satisfying/exciting?

A healthy mind and a healthy body contribute more positively towards the betterment of the economy of a country. Wellness has the potential to make India a global superpower in the years to come. I am trying my best to contribute my little bit to the cause and make Indians shift their focus from ILLNESS TO WELLNESS.

I do not dream Big or Small. I just dream big or small. I just day dream and turn my dreams into reality.  It may seem a weird idea or rather an unconventional approach for people who see things differently than me. It is their perception.

But then, it is my life and I aim to make a positive difference in the lives of all those whom I come across – You included!


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