Interview with Manish Goyal | Value Investor | Seasoned Entrepreneur | Founder and CEO of Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd

Manish Goyal

We always strive to bring you some powerful and meaningful stories from the entrepreneurship world, this week we invited yet another Business Leader and Entrepreneur Manish Goyal for an exclusive interview with us to know more about his journey in detail.

Manish is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of experience in stock markets. He is a Business Leader, Seasoned Entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd. Let’s learn more about him and his company!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Manish:

Please talk us through about Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd, its vision, values and the overall journey till date.

Our company Multibagger Securities research & advisory Pvt Ltd was started in 2017. Our company is a SEBI Registered Investment advisor. It was incorporated mainly for quality research & advisory in Indian equity markets with a special focus on identifying Multibagger Stocks. We do not provide intraday trading tips because we consider that as a gamble instead of science. After its inception, the company is growing very well and have both domestic and international clients. We got ISO 9001 certification also for our company.

Our company gives importance to high standards of services to our clients, corporate governance, integrity and hard work. Our website itself speaks volumes about the transparency with which we operate. Our vision is to become industry leader in equity research and advisory.

To fulfil our vision, we have set for ourselves a mission of becoming the biggest wealth creators for our customers in terms of CAGR in the next 5 years.

What matters for any CEO is that its clients are happy. We take immense pride in saying we are one of the customer-centric advisory companies.

At Multibagger Securities, we always strive to not only meet but also exceed our clients’ expectations. “

We would love to know more about Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory Pvt Ltd? How are you different from others?

Our company is helping investors and aspiring investors in many different ways. First, on our website itself, we have provided a lot of ‘Dos’ and ‘Donts’ of the stock market which helps investors avoid some crucial yet common mistakes made by average investors. We also provide 6-7 great books on our website absolutely free of cost. It helps investors in learning the fundamentals of investing.

Our company has a main focus on equity research in general and in finding Multibagger stocks in particular. Currently, we are providing only one type of service for long term investors.

In this package, we provide them with 12 undervalued quality small-cap stocks which have the potential for huge re-rating in few years. In future, we can launch different variation of this service to suit a different kind of investors.

Manish Goyal

What’s your views on the latest industry trends in the fin-tech space. How are you keeping up with them?

Our company believe that the partnership of the technology and finance industry can do wonders for stakeholders in terms of accessibility, profitability and reliability. We have launched our Mobile Application also.

We will also come out with more ideas as to how to use technology to make our services more efficient and effective.

Are there any expansion plans? What’s your way forward? 

Currently, we are thinking of opening a branch in Chandigarh. Also, we are contemplating applying for PMS services in future and may go in other related fields of capital markets like stockbroking etc.

Our near term mission is to outperform all our competitors in terms of the CAGR of our suggested stocks. In the long term, we want to be an industry leader.

What are the three must-have characteristics in todays leaders?

1) Integrity

2) Long Term Vision and

3) Team Player

How and why was Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory” set up? And how did you expand your company and its offering?

Our Company was set up to redefine and rethink equity research and advisory. I felt a huge gap between what earlier advisors were offering and what investors really needed.

I just started telling the truth about equity investing and it spread like a fire automatically because Trust is infectious.

What were the initial hurdles in building your business and how did you overcome them?

The most important task and challenge we faced, in the beginning, was to change the mindset of investors from gambling to investing.

The majority of investors were looking towards the stock market as a casino and most of them were engaged in intraday trading or short term trading to make quick money. We tried and succeeded in educating investors that stock investing is a science and we should take a stock investing as a business instead of treating it as a gamble.

Manish Goyal

How did you embrace your failure? Did your failure change you in any way?

There is a famous saying. “I never lose. Either I win or I learn”. So, I kept on learning from the inevitable initial mistakes at the beginning of my career.

Those failures made me more alert and conscious instead of making me overconfident.

What is your role in Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory”? And what is your success mantra? 

I am the MD & CEO of the Company. The only Mantra I gave to my team is that ‘Always try to maximise clients’ wealth’. Rest will be taken care of by clients happiness and success.

According to you, what is the most influential factor in your businesssuccess?

Long term investing vision of Warren Buffet always impressed me. Long Term Investing in undervalued quality fundamentally strong companies gives you a lot of margin of safety. I always tried to create the highest returns for clients with minimum possible risks.


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