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Manjari Priya Gupta

As part of our endeavour to identify and share some of the unique and compelling stories from India and around the world, we invited Manjari Priya Gupta for an interview with us to understand more about her inspiring journey so far. Manjari is a Leader, Banker, Social Activist, Model, Philanthropist, Mrs India World Wide 2021, Change Enabler, Influencer and Motivational Speaker. Let’s learn more about her incredible journey, her background, and her advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Manjari:

We are aware of your contributions to the ecosystem; talk us through your background and your journey, please;

My journey so far has been exciting yet successful. I have walked gracefully in different facets of life with challenges and have emerged and come out of it successfully. Since childhood, Banking was my passion therefore I studied MBA Finance from New Delhi and was the topper in my stream. I feel glad that today with 17 years in the Banking Industry I have learned and have worked and contributed to multibillion-dollar projects.

I have worked in St. George Bank (Head Office – Sydney), ING, and Credit Suisse. Presently I am working as a Director in one of the leading FinTech companies FIS Global, Bangalore.

I also had a passion to contribute to society, especially for girls/women, and I always aimed high to be the Role Model for them. My dream is to empower and motivate every woman of our nation to become Financial Independent.”

I feel proud to share that with this dream, I registered myself for an International Beauty Pageant and won the main title of Mrs India Worldwide Winner 2021 held in Dubai. I am associated with various social causes including various orphanages and I am helping the underprivileged in the Society through various Initiatives having collaboration with NGOs.

Being born and brought up in Ranchi, Jharkhand, I always aimed high despite several society challenges and today when I see my journey of life so far, I feel glad that I am able to deliver what I expected in my life.Manjari Priya Gupta

How did you discover your passion?

Since my childhood, I was highly rewarded for being kind, and compassionate, Volunteering for various Social causes during School, College tasks. I also went out of my way to guide the underprivileged at the age when I was just attending Primary class. My teachers and faculty motivated me that I am a person filled with ambition and compassion therefore I should always aim to contribute to Society.

Also, my strength in my family, my father advised me to work on my core competencies and work hard for Society. These small instances during my childhood helped me to discover the passion inside me to emerge as a Role Model/Influencer for Society.

I have always worked hard and proved the society through my action and also wanted to convey to the girls/women of the nation, that if we are adamant about our decision to be the winner in various facets of life, no adverse situation can really stop us.”

Be it being a Corporate Leader, Banker, Homemaker, Mother, Model, Philanthropist, Social Activist, or passionate learner, we can be winners in all facets of life. If we have strong perseverance, high willpower, and a hardworking attitude, even after marriage a woman can surely conquer any challenge and can emerge as a winner.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

There are many who are ready to pull you down and prove you wrong. But it is our strong mindset that stands firm and conveys us Not to Give Up. There were various challenges in my life too, belonging from a small town, where girls are suppressed including not being sent outside for studies.

With my sheer determination, I broke all stereotypes and conveyed to society that if a “human” (be it a girl or boy) has decided then nothing can really stop us.”

In every walk of my life, I have faced enough challenges. But my mind stayed strong and conveyed that I have the abilities to reach where I want to, and no hurdle can really stop me. I want to convey to every person, especially women, that in the walk of our life, people might throw stones, but I believe in collecting all stones and making a beautiful house from those stones.

The irony of life is that in a man led society, it is very difficult for a woman to achieve success! However, if we know how to deal with the challenges and the people, we surely can be an achiever!

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

My Father whom I owe a lot, who always said to believe in my potential. My husband who supported me during my worst and motivated me never to give up. And now, my two beautiful Kids Amaira and Yuvaan, who feel proud watching my achievements, encourage me to work harder.

The best way to enrich your motivation is to surround yourself with positive people who want you to dream big and achieve.”

I am sure, each one of us has some gems that motivate us. I think we need only those as real assets as our own and the remaining others who discourage or send us a negative vibe should not really matter. One who achieves big is always because of the right surroundings and peaceful environment and I feel blessed to have the best family, parents, friends, teachers, and siblings.

What about your journey makes it satisfying/exciting?

Getting rewarded for all my hard work.

Being Mrs India Worldwide 2021 winner, Most Inspirational Women 2022, Nationwide women achievers award by Business Mint, Bharat Samman Award 2022 by the Govt of India, Women Leader of the Year by Ms Kiran Bedi are few of the highest honours I have received recently.

And there are many lined up that I am going to receive in the rest of the year 2022 that motivates me to excel in everything I do, and makes my journey enriching and exciting.

What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a person?

There are a few:

> Continuous Improvement

> Power of Positivity

> Hard Work with strong determination

> Thriving to become the best version of myself

> Upgrading Knowledge always and Change should be consistent

You are always positive and motivated, what keeps you going?

I feel charged always, my inner self is happy and cheerful always. The reason behind this is I am always occupied learning new skills, trying to explore better options, investing my time in reading and learning anything that interests me.

Like during COVID, I had a fitness passion, thus working hard to become healthier and fitter. At present, I am studying Executive Management from Cornell University as this makes me feel satisfied and content to learn new strategies and maybe unlearn old ways.

I think we all should invest time wisely, we should balance it very well, and if we are able to do it, we lead a motivated, positive and happy life. And it is important to be stress-free and positive to nurture the kids at home.”

They learn through our actions rather than words. Therefore, being a mother I am very careful in each of my actions, and I imbibe only those actions at home that I would like to see in my kids in future.

Manjari Priya Gupta

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?

I will say it straight that there are many factors but if you really have to have the key elements then to me these are the ones:

(1) Perseverance

(2) Passion

(3) Positivity

(4) Dare to Dream Attitude

(5) Upgrading Knowledge

(6) Lots and lots of Hard Work

(7) Learning the best from others rather finding fault

What advice would you give students and young professionals who want to have a successful career?

The Youth of the Nation should be eager to learn and explore since everything is dynamic and changing. Not to lose hope soon, if things are not working the way we are expecting.

This is an era of Social Media, when people are busy branding themselves there are few who are also helping and supporting the one who needs help. Therefore, I would suggest that each and every person to work hard on self-improvement and have Kindness and compassion for society.

Keep eyes and ears open, and if someone needs to help support them so that the Nation should equally grow along with the family and Society. Also, work on your passion and this will reward you highly with less effort. Never copy others, we all are special with some special competencies, understand that and give the best.


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