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Niket Mangal

At BrilliantRead Media, it is our constant endeavour to identify and share some of the unique and compelling stories from the startup ecosystem. As part of this, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur Niket Mangal for an interview with BrilliantRead Media. Niket is an Award Winning Leader, First Generation Real Estate Entrepreneur, Mentor and Investor. He is the Founder and Managing Director of NM Group.

Niket Mangal, a young player in the real estate business of the city, has achieved great success at a young age, due to his business ethics and high spirits, he has become eligible for the Pride of Central India Award. Let’s learn more about his background, his inspiring journey so far and his advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Niket:

We are aware of your contribution to the ecosystem, talk us through your background and your journey as an entrepreneur, please;

I have always dreamed of doing something big. When I was in school, Indore. I did reporting for Dainik Bhaskar’s School Bhaskar. This career attracted me so much that I started reporting in the newspaper immediately after passing out from school.

With the changing times, I also worked in TV and radio. I got a lot of fame as an RJ. My show “Chal Kalti Maar” on 92.7 FM was greatly appreciated and at that time I was also awarded the Face of the Station award.

But suddenly I felt that I have become big in the eyes of people but now it is my turn to become big in my own eyes. For this I have to do something new, something big.

Therefore I said goodbye to the media and took the path of business. At that time my father ran a grain brokerage business, worked with him for some time but soon realized that my calling was very high. Well, I have always been attracted by the ups and downs of real estate.

I thought of doing something in real estate but I did not have the funds required to enter this field. That’s why I started as a property broker. Collected some funds in 1 year, after which built the first building in partnership with 25% share.

With the money earned from this first project, we bought land and established the first colony. And never looked back after this. In this way, he worked on almost every type of project from partnership to solo project and colonizer to construction.”

The journey as an entrepreneur has been rewarding, fulfilling, challenging and full of learning so far. I achieved significant success in the real estate sector with meticulous planning and execution. At a young age, I not only made my dreams come true but also made the dreams of many people, of owning a home, come true.

Working on the principle of Let’s Grow Together, I not only kept moving forward but also kept moving my colleagues and the customers forward. Providing homes with the best amenities for middle-class people in the budget segment and quality construction is our key USP and identity in this segment.

Niket Mangal

What is the potential of the Real Estate industry? What is your target market and your way forward? 

We have over 1500 happy customers in 13 years. There is a lot of potential in property in Indore City. The boom that has taken place in the property market since the lockdown will continue for the next few years. It is estimated that by 2030, the property sector in the city will see more than double the growth compared to today.

After the start of the metro train, travel here will become very easy, due to which property is expected to rise even in remote areas. Through NM Group, we have delivered properties to more than 1500 customers in the last 13 years and we are extremely happy to share that all of them are satisfied with their properties and are also getting good return values for their properties.


What is your key differentiator? Why should home buyers consider your projects?  

Townships are being brought on a Roman Theme
Presently, I handle the running of NM Group – Real Estate Wing. I work in a rice mill and import-export of grains in Gulf countries. My father Mahesh Mangal is the MD of this company. While, I am the MD of NM Agrotech- Rice Mill with the biggest capacity in Indore.

About his new project, he told that we are bringing our upcoming project NM Pride in Talawali Chanda. This is a residential township project and customers will get world-class amenities. It is being built on a Roman theme. That means the gate of the township, the house design here will all be based on this theme.


Tell us about your background and the role of media industry in your growth story

I have lived the important role of a journalist at a very young age. Its benefits can be seen in my personality. I got the opportunity to work in all three dimensions of journalism – print, electronic and radio and this experience has been very pleasant for me.

If I get a chance to enter the media again in the future, I will definitely come, but this time I will return to this industry with the intention of doing something big.

Despite the challenges, how do you motivate yourself? What gives you constant support in tough times? 

Family is my support system. We are able to run in the race of success only as long as we have a support system with us. My family has a very important role in my success journey.

My father is Mahesh Mangal from whom I have learned the nuances of business. Whereas risk capacity and courage are the gifts of my mother Sheela Mangal. My wife CA Priya Mangal is the backbone of our company NM Group. It would have been impossible to reach here without her support. And both my children are my bundles of happiness.

What are some of your successful projects and are there any new projects/upcoming ones? 

The successful projects of NM Group are as follows:

> Diamond City

> NM London Villas

> NM verge

> NM Grand

A look at the upcoming project:

> NM Pride (Talavali Chanda)

> Vibrant NM Hills (Ujjain Road)

> Vibrant NM Park (Dhankhedi)

> NM Corporate (Rajendra Nagar)

> Vibrant NM Industrial Park

Niket Mangal

What advice would you like to give to the youth?

Dream and make small goals to achieve them. If you achieve one goal then make another goal. Always be honest with your customers because customer trust will determine your success.


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