60+ Mind-Blowing Search Engine Optimization Stats

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential because organic search is arguably the most valuable marketing channel there is.   Every company that operates online needs SEO. Period. Small. Medium. Large. Startup. Local business. Global brand.   Whenever someone is using a search engine to find information that’s relevant to your product, service, or website, you need to be there.     Yet, there remains a constant struggle, even in 2017, to justify the value of SEO. Why? In part, the undeniable proof of SEO’s value is scattered across a handful…

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This 95-Year Stanford Study Reveals 1 Secret to Living a Longer, More Fulfilling Life

Secrets to living longer life

Originally Published on inc.com This decades-long study shows that living an easy, stress-free life won’t make you happier — and definitely won’t help you live longer.   By Jeff Haden What will make you happy? What will make you feel fulfilled? What will help you live a longer, healthier life?   Good questions. Enter Dr. Lewis Terman with an answer.   Terman, a Stanford University psychologist, was a pioneer in I.Q. testing; his revisions of the Stanford-Binet test helped it become a widespread tool for measuring general intelligence.   Then in 1921 he identified…

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15 Best English Speaking Institutes in Noida

best institutes for spoken English personality development English speaking institutes

Best English Speaking Institutes in Noida   Job Interviews, Discussions, Presentations, Sales, Negotiations, Flirting, Persuasion or just a normal talk,  Whatever it is, How good you are at speaking English eventually decides your chances of success. English is increasingly becoming a must-know language across the world.   English is one of the most important business languages in the world. In fact, people consider it as key  personality trait now a days.   Well, we understand how difficult it gets, when it comes to searching a good English Speaking Institute because…

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Incredible Health Benefits of SeabuckThorn Oil

seabuckthorne oil cream soap

Incredible Health Benefits of SeabuckThorn Oil What is SeabuckThorn?   Scientific name of Seabuckthorn is Hippophae. It comes from a thorny tree that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a form of Shrub that grows along the shorelines of high altitude mountain areas.   Surviving the tough climates forces the plant to develop adaptogenic qualities. and hence every part of the plant is full of nutritions including the leaves and bark Natural Seabuckthorn Nourishing Cream. It’s Contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7, Omega  and Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E…

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Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Fatty Liver

best effective Ayurvedic medicine for fatty liver guruprasadam

Ayurvedic Medicine for Fatty Liver What is Fatty Liver? The accumulation of fat in Liver makes it Fatty Liver.   How common is it? Very common (More than 10 million cases per year in India alone) It Requires a medical diagnosis,  Lab tests or imaging always required Chronic Fatty Liver can last for years or be lifelong Causes?   It can affect people who are alcoholic in majority of the cases or can also be to people who are non alcoholic The cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is…

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11 Effective Ways To Regenerate Brain Cells and Boost Memory

ways to regenerate brain cells naturally

Ways To Regenerate Brain Cells   Reports suggest that our brain cells can be regenerated by engaging in some of the activities listed below. Regeneration of cells is pivotal for better memory, productivity, enhanced performance and alertness.   Lets look at how we can regenerate brain cells:     Exercise. We can foster new brain cell growth through regular endurance exercise, such as jogging.   Indulge in Dark Chocolate.     Keep Yourself Engaged.     Eat Omega-3 Fatty Acids.     Eat Blueberries.   Drink Green Tea. Specifically, the…

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How to Withdraw PF Online and Offline Partially/Fully?

Pf withdrawal process online offline

PF Withdrawal – Online EPF Withdrawal Procedure PF or EPF is also called the Employee Provident Fund Scheme. It is one where the employees contribute a small portion of their remuneration i.e. 12% of their basic pay every month. A matching amount is contributed by the employer. Such contribution, together, form a corpus. This is to be used to fund the employee’s retirement. EPF withdrawal by employees can however be done earlier itself i.e. during the course of their employment. Such circumstances have been elaborated later in the article.   Here, it…

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FIFA World Cup 2018: Groups, Fixtures,Timings and Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2018: Groups, Fixtures Prize Money and Timings for Indian     Group A Group B Group C Group D Russia Portugal France Argentina Saudi Arabia Spain Australia Iceland Egypt Morocco Peru Croatia Uruguay Iran Denmark Nigeria Group E Group F Group G Group H Brazil Germany Belgium Japan Switzerland Mexico Panama Colombia Costa Rica Sweden Tunisia Senegal Serbia South Korea England Poland Time Table FIFA World Cup 2018 Timings For India (Indian Viewers)   Match no. Match Date  Day Time (IST) Group Stage Matches 1 Russia vs…

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10 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in New Delhi NCR

Best Digital Marketing Institutes in New Delhi Noida youtube marketing in Delhi noida

Best Digital Marketing Institutes in India Before we look at the Best Digital Marketing Institutes in India, Lets delve more into its definition and applications.   “Marketing/Promotion of Products or services using digital technologies is called Digital Marketing. Internet/Email/Display Ads and Mobile are the key mediums of Digital Marketing.”   Methods of Digital Marketing Methods of Digital Marketing include –  search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), influencer marketing, content marketing, campaign marketing, data-driven/API marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, direct e-mail marketing, display advertising, creation of…

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Incredible Health Benefits Of Brahma Rasayan

Brahma Rasayan

Best Quality Brahma Rasayan   What is Brahm Rasayan?   Brahm Yasayan is one of the most potent Ayurvedic remedies for Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Overall weakness, greying of hair and aging. It offers natural rejuvenation and is considered most effective Ayurvedic Medicine.   Roots of Brahm Rasayan date back to thousands of years ago. It is believed that this herb was prescribed by Brahma himself and therefore it was named as Brahm Rasayan.   Brahma Rasayana or abhaya amalaki avaleha also improves mental health and functioning of brain, and gives…

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