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Founder- Waqar Azmi

As part of our relentless pursuit to identify and share with our community some of the unique and compelling startup stories from the ecosystem, this week we spoke to Team StartupHR Toolkit to understand more about their journey, their vision and the way forward. Let’s find out more and read their unique story!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with the team:

‘StartupHR toolkit’ is such a unique name; talk us through more about it, please. Our audience would also love to know what kind of problem you are solving?

So basically, StartupHR Toolkit has this unique name as it belongs to the Startup sector.

This HR toolkit contains all the tools that you need to structure and progress your HR. StartupHR Toolkit aims to help founders and the HR team to solve all their documentation Problems.”

As StartupHR toolkit is the largest collection of Ready to Use HR Docs, Letters, Policies & Calculator. Also, it includes COVID-19 documents and posters to make your space safe and secure to work.

Besides this, we have this name that anybody could understand, and it speaks for what it stands for “StartupHR Toolkit.”

During this COVID-19 crisis, what are the measures you have undertaken to continue your business without disruption?

Luckily, this pandemic did not make a massive impact. We are a completely Digital E-commerce business that operates right from buying to delivery; everything happens online, and there’s no offline transaction happening in this business.

So gratefully we didn’t have to make many changes, but we took it as an opportunity to improve our product by adding new documents with the latest working norms with people working from home and remotely as they own company assets at their house; this led us to create a lot of new HR policies and documents related to the new working norms raised during the Covid – 19 crisis. This is the only thing we had to do.

Also, we are very thankful that our business just started in 2019, right before the covid-19 hit, and it was perfect timing for us.”

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives the Team?

We always believe anybody who has Challenges to overcome is privileged, and we think the challenge is a part of your day to day life, just as the good things which have happened to you. So it is no different to that.

And what drives the Team and keeps us motivated is that there are larger problems we have set out to solve to make business safe and secure using our documents and legal Tools; that is our objective.

Hence, until we don’t reach that goal to help at least millions of startups, we will be out there at it; that’s what drives the Team to help us overcome the challenges.

Please share with us about your expansion plans?

Currently, we are selling StartupHR Toolkit in 15+ countries which includes countries in the Gulf, a couple of countries in Africa, multiple countries in Asia. We also sell in the US and have planned to launch in South Africa too.”

We’ve just launched our new “StartupHR Toolkit Gold” which is a premium offering of ours. The customers get lifetime access, updated documents for their entire life, free HR consulting and a dedicated account manager. So we launched a premium offering mainly targeting startups and companies who are a little more mature. And yes, we will be launching the Gold version in many more countries, and we see ourselves present in 50-60 countries in the near 3-5 years.

What has worked well for you so far?

Okay, not many people know this, but I am also a full-time traveller besides being a Serial Entrepreneur, so I end up travelling 75 – 90 days a year, most people are surprised about it as all of them are leisure travel and the thing which has worked for the Team or me is that we have a single metrics to measure anyone’s performance.”

We don’t look at multiple KPI’s, or anything; let’s say if there’s a sales guy, we are only concerned with his sales figure and nothing else. So he can walk in or walk out at any time he wants till the time he is completing his target, he has all the freedom to operate from anywhere or operate at his convenient time.

We at StartupHR Toolkit believes in Result Oriented Work!!

In your opinion – what is more necessary: An idea or a good team for a successful startup?

According to me, it’s the Team that is more important for a successful startup. I have seen so many teams changing from the base idea to what they are eventually doing.

I’ve had the privilege to observe the teams of huge startups you see today, and I have noticed that they are not doing what they were doing at the start..

So I think a team is very important. A great team can probably execute any idea, but a bad team can execute nothing. So simply said Team over Idea any day.

StartupHR Toolkit box

How many startups have you helped through StartupHR Toolkit?

StartupHR Toolkit has helped over 2000+ companies grow, including Dream 11, 1mg, Bewakoof, Khatabook, Razorpay, Haptik, Tata projects, IDBI mutual, Acc etc. As we aim to help as many possible companies and startups.

What advice would you give students and young professionals who want to have a successful career?

My advice to the young generation would be – You only learn things by doing them so I would like to advise young professionals to start working early.

Maybe take up an internship once you have done graduation, do something on the side where you are actually learning practically rather than learning from the books.”

I genuinely practice this in StartupHR Toolkit by working with young people aged 18, 19 or probably in the first year of their college. By the time they complete their graduation, they are already trained and very smart and already know what they want.

This gives them a massive edge over their peers. So I would say do some part-time work, internship or a gig where you learn something from life.


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