Top 15 Quavo Quotes on Life, Love and Rapping (Networth As Of 2019)

Quavo Quotes

Quavo Quotes on Life, Love and Rapping & His Net-Worth As Of 2019


Who is Quavo?

Quavo is a key part of Hip Hop Trio MIGOS. Migos is worth Over $12 Million.


Quavious Keyate Marshall, professionally known by his stage name Quavo, is an American rapper, artist, songwriter and record producer.


He is best known as a member of the hip hop trio Migos.


Quavo has gained significant name in the rapping fraternity within a short span of time.

Born: 2 April 1991 (age 27 years as on 2018), Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States


Net-worth – 4 Million as of 2019. With his hard-work it is bound to grow multifold within a short span of time.


Quavo Quotes on Life, Love and Rapping


“Wealth os just consistency. I don’t want to be rich. I want to be wealthy.” – Quavo


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“Every time we get days off, we try to go home and record five or six songs” – Quavo Quotes on music and songs


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“We had to get serious and hit all aspects. we had to graduate. That’s what you got to do: reach all people across the nation.” – Quavo


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“The plan is to make money, and we know the fans are going to ask for mixtapes, and those mixtapes are going to hit. So when we put a tape our, we have more money coming in that’s why we work hard at it.” – Quavo Qoutes on life, love and music

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“Smile through the pain, never let them see you down.” – Best Quavo Quotes, Thoughts and Sayings (Interviews)

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“Our first album didn’t work because we tried to something we are not” – Quavo Quote

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“Whenever we talk about what we’re talking about, and you visualise it, that’s what we really went through.” – Quavo

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“You have to take over your town in order to take over your city.” – Quavo


Quavo Quotes


“I’m just willing to try different things. But you gotta keep it all making sense.” – Quavo

Quavo Quotes


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” People want to know where I’m going, and I just don’t ever know.” – Quavo


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” I feel like we can learn from each other by us, being the young generation, giving knowledge to the older guys.” – Quavo

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“We laid the foundation before we went to a major label” – Quavo

Quavo Quotes


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