Top 20 Jim Kwik Quotes on Learning, Memory and Success

Best Motivational Jim Kwik Quotes on Learning, Memory and Success


Jim Kwik is a brain coach, Keynote Speaker, Mental Fitness Enthusiast and CEO at KwikLearning. He has influenced millions of people through his sessions, YouTube videos and podcasts. I am fortunate to be one of his ardent followers. I have, personally, learnt so much from him.

He has been helping people across countries improve their memory, performance and life.



Motivational Jim Kwik Quotes and Thoughts which would help you transform your life



“The brain doesn’t learn through consumption,
it learns through creation” – Jim Kwik


It’s not how smart you are, but how are you smart” – Jim Kwik


“Feedback is the breakfast of superheroes” – Jim Kwik Quotes



“Get up and Move” – Jim Kwik



“Be too optimistic to scare, too positive to doubt, and too determined to be defeated.” – Jim Kwik

“If you want to know what’s truly important to someone, watch where they put their time, energy and focus” – Jim Kwik

“Be yourself and you will feel at home anywhere” – Jim Kwik

“Sometimes it takes only one person to change your life. One who is there for you encourages you, believes in you. If you haven’t yet met this person, be this person for someone else” – Jim Kwik

“When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you.” – Jim Kwik

“The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing” – Jim Kwik


“Stop your busy day, take a moment to breathe like you mean it” – Jim kwik


“Dear Men, Close you eyes, Imagine you have a daughter. Imagine she is dating a guy just like you. Did you smile?No. Then Change.” – Jim Kwik


“I’m not impressed by your looks, money, status, job title or number of followers. I’m impressed by the way you treat other human beings” – Jim Kwik



“We need to understand how our minds work so we can work our minds better” – Jim Kwik

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“It’s not about mental intelligence, it’s about mental fitness” – Jim Kwik

If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower” – Jim Kwik

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If you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them” – Jim Kwik

Learning is not a spectator sport” – Jim Kwik

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What you practice in private, you’re rewarded for in public” – Jim Kwik



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