Top 30 Mark Wahlberg Quotes and His Networth As Of 2019

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Mark Wahlberg Quotes on Life, Love, Success and Money & His Networth As Of 2019


Who is Mark Wahlberg?


Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg (born June 5, 1971) is an American actor, producer, businessman, former model, rapper, and songwriter


Net Worth‎: ‎$200 to 250 Million as of 2019

Age: ‎47

Source of Wealth‎: ‎Professional Actor/Director


Best Motivational Mark Wahlberg Quotes


“I’ve always wanted to do right in life. But the wanting and the
doing aren’t quite the same thing.”
-Mark Wahlberg



Mark Wahlberg Networth Quotes sayings thoughts

“If I can start my day out by saying my prayers and getting myself
focused then I know I’m doing the right thing. That 10 minutes helps
me in every way throughout the day.”
-Mark Wahlberg



Mark Wahlberg Quotes on life love money acting success

 “I pray to be a good servant to God, a father, a husband, a son, a
friend, a brother and uncle, a good neighbour, a good leader to those
who look up to me and a good follower to those that are serving God
and doing the right thing.”
-Mark Wahlberg


“There’s nothing like seeing the smile on my kid’s faces. Laughing
together, playing, it’s the best.”
-Mark Wahlberg


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“They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t food on their table.
You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”
-Mark Wahlberg



“I have more money now than I know what to do with.”
-Mark Wahlberg


best mark Wahlberg quotes on money


“If you become complacent, you start feeling entitled.”
-Mark Wahlberg


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“I’m ready to dig ditches if I have to.”
-Mark Wahlberg



“whatever I gotta do to provide for my family. Whatever I gotta do to make sure
that I do the best possible job at whatever wonderful opportunities I’ve been
-Mark Wahlberg



“The hardest thing about changing yourself is changing how other
people see you.”
-Mark Wahlberg Quotes



“I don’t want to let my guard down and feel too comfortable.”  –  Mark Wahlberg

“I was certainly on the darker side at one point.”
-Mark Wahlberg


Best Motivational Mark Wahlberg Quotes


“For me to sit down and ask for material things is ridiculous. It’s a much bigger
picture than that. I want to serve God and to be a good human being and to
make up for the mistakes I made and the pain I put people through. That’s what I’m praying for.”
-Mark Wahlberg



“If I succeed in business but fail as a father, then I’ve failed.”
-Mark Wahlberg


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“I have a lot of real life experience with hustling.”
-Mark Wahlberg




“I never lie. I believe everything I say, so it’s not a lie.”
-Mark Wahlberg Quotes


Mark Wahlberg quotes sayings thoughts one-liners and networth


“I have a lot of real life experience with hustling.”
-Mark Wahlberg Best Quotes


“There’s a storm inside of us. I’ve heard many team guys speak of
this. A burning. A river. A drive. An unrelenting drive to push
yourself further than anyone could ever think possible.”
-Mark Wahlberg



“You got to have faith. Look at all the junk and see the treasure.”
-Mark Wahlberg



“You know you have two choices in life, basically, to succeed or to fail.”
-Motivational Mark Wahlberg Quotes


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“Having girls has made me a much better man.”
-Mark Wahlberg Quotes about love and relationships.

“I also like to get out there to promote a positive message about the
importance of family and faith and of doing the right thing.”
-Mark Wahlberg



“I got a pretty good life, and I’m very fortunate, and I have my blessings.”
-Mark Wahlberg

“I’m always friendly and encouraging on set. I want people to be at
their best creatively.”
-Mark Wahlberg Quotes on acting

“I’ve always wanted to be in the health and wellness business. I try to
encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle.”
-Mark Wahlberg

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“In my movies, I’m not trying to erase any old image of myself, really. And also
I’m not trying to imitate anyone or follow in their footsteps because I know, Burt
Reynolds was just one of the people who told me this, I know how you can only
last in this business, if you got something special to offer, just by being
-Mark Wahlberg Quotes on life


“For me, family always comes first; I would do anything to protect
-Mark Wahlberg


“The environment I was raised in, you had to hustle to survive.”
-Mark Wahlberg


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“Well every moment, every project is different. I took a very slow
approach to acting, trying to really work with people I could learn
from. And I got something different out of each experience.”
-Mark Wahlberg


“I can always see something of myself in the characters I play.”
-Mark Wahlberg

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