What causes Back Pain and How to Cure it naturally?


You are likely to feel Back Pain at some point due to poor posture, unnecessary work-related stress, poor lifestyle and working for long stretches sitting in your office chair or at home.

Growing number of people, mainly working professionals, complain about the back pain these days as they unknowingly cause strain to their back, lower back or in some cases neck muscles and soft tissues.

Let us look at ways to relieve back pain naturally.

Fitness experts and Doctors have laid a lot of emphasis on the benefits of regularly stretching your body. Stretching improves muscle tension and increases blood flow to weak muscles or tissues of affected pain areas. Even a 10 to 15 mins of daily stretching can alleviate your pain significantly. Not only does it loosen your tight muscles, but it also makes you feel happy.
Fitness Scientists have revealed that regular stretching, running or even walking boosts your daily productivity.

#Massage Therapy

Hot or cold massage is the best therapy to alleviate pain as it relaxes your body hence, gently massaging the affected pain area would flex tight tissues and increase blood flow.


Experts advise practicing YOGA to keep your body healthy Yoga has many health benefits hence it is recommended that everyone should take 15-20 mins at least to practice.

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#Right Posture (Ergonomics):

It has been said that the main cause of back pain or neck pain is poor posture. We often don’t pay attention to how we are sitting or sleeping. Posture, if not maintained correctly, can cause severe damage to our soft issues in lower back, neck, and spine. Many organizations now take employee wellness seriously and promote Health and safety benefits.
It is advisable to use ergonomically designed office chairs and desks to promote healthy posture while at work



Don’t compromise on your sleep due to stress or any other reasons. Sleep is the best restorative way ty alleviate pain. Lack of proper sleep may aggravate the condition.
– Maintain good posture while sleeping,
– Use a good quality mattress that supports your back and spine.
– Avoid Pillow

#Core strengthening:

It is extremely important that you work on strengthening your core areas. Gymming or regular exercise can easily help you strengthen your core body parts.

Improve your lifestyle, reduce weight, eat healthy diet and take good care of yourself to stay healthy

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