22 Best Dan Bilzerian Quotes On Life, Success, Money And His Net Worth 2019

Best Dan Bilzerian Quotes

Best Dan Bilzerian Quotes On Life, Success, Money And His Net Worth 2019

Dan Brandon Bilzerian is an American Internet personality, venture capitalist, actor and gambler who is mostly known for his lavish lifestyle.

Born – December 7, 1980 (age 38) Tampa, Florida, United States

Net Worth – His estimated net worth $150 million as of 2019


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“Shooting drones, because it’s Sunday and this is America.” – Dan Bilzerian


“I think having personal freedom and not being politically correct and not playing the game is a good message in our fucking pussified situation that we’re in now.” – Dan Bilzerian


“Snapchat is for kids and girls who want their life to be a reality show.” – Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian Quotes

“They asked me what I wanted on my campaign flyer, I said I don’t care as long as I’m riding a tortoise with a machinegun.” – Dan Bilzerian

“If a person bluffs a lot in poker, he just thinks everyone else is bluffing more often. People equate things to how they live.” – Dan Bilzerian


Best Quotes By Dan Bilzerian

“If I wanna go to Vegas in the middle of the night, then that’s just what I’ll do.” – Dan Bilzerian

“People are going to love you, people are going to hate you. When you’re in the public eye, it’s just something that comes with the territory.” – Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian Inspirational Quotes

“It’s unreal how lucky some of these kids are, their parents just give them money &they sit around & play Xbox all day.” – Dan Bilzerian

“Climbing the mountain is always more fun than sitting at the top. it’s just that you have to find different mountains to climb.” – Dan Bilzerian


Best Life Quotes By Dan Bilzerian

“In poker it’s tough, it’s tough to manage your money. Because you don’t know. You can go out and play great and still lose. You can get your money in with the best hand and still get unlucky.” – Dan Bilzerian

“Spent time this week in the mountains. It’s good to disconnect, all things important in the city are irrelevant here.” – Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian Life Quotes


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“My dad said to invest in movies, NASCAR & buy a plane if you hate money, so I did all 3. I’m good at poker.” – Dan Bilzerian

“Snapchat is for kids and girls who want their life to be a reality show.” – Dan Bilzerian


Motivational Quotes By Dan Bilzerian

“This girl said, ur lame for not partying on a Saturday. Bitch every day of my life is Saturday, you think I give a fuck that you have a job?” – Dan Bilzerian

“All the big cars, bitches and bullshit in the world won’t make you as happy as having one good pal.” – Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian Best Motivational Quotes

“You know your gym is owned by a fucking moron if they have a bunch of machines and no squat rack.” – Dan Bilzerian

“It’s so crazy to me how many girls have left shoes at my house…It’s like how the fuck did u get home & how do you not notice your missing shoes.” – Dan Bilzerian


Best Success Quotes By Dan Bilzerian

“I don’t feel like the laws make it that much safer.” – Dan Bilzerian

“I need to take my family Christmas picture, message me if you have a rocket launcher I can borrow.” – Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian Best Life Quotes

“I’ve never seen a chick fuck a guy ‘cause of his clothes.” – Dan Bilzerian

“I would come home drunk and I would play and I would blast the account out.” – Dan Bilzerian


Dan Bilzerian Success Quotes

“When you’re broke, you think a little bit differently.” – Dan Bilzerian



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