Interview with Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman | Doctor | Entrepreneur | Life and Health Coach | Co-Founder and Chairman at Consel Limited | Regional Director – Bangladesh at The Alpha Group (TAG), UK

Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman

At BrilliantRead Media, it is our constant endeavour to identify and share some of the unique and compelling stories from the startup ecosystem. As part of this, we invited Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman for an interview with BrilliantRead Media. He is an Entrepreneur, Doctor, Life and Health Coach, Co-Founder and Chairman of Consel Limited and Regional Director – Bangladesh of The Alpha Group (TAG), UK. Let’s learn more about his background, inspiring journey so far and advice for our growing community!

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Dr. Mohammad :

Could you please talk us through your background and your journey?

I am the youngest son of my parents and based out of Sylhet, Bangladesh and moved to Dhaka and grew up with love and compassion along with other family members including 6 siblings. Others are highly educated. As the youngest one, my mother wanted to make me a doctor. As I got the opportunity to study in medical sciences. I got admitted and became a doctor.

After passing the MBBS, I started a job at DPLEH and Sight Savers International. During my Master’s degree course, I engaged myself as an entrepreneur.  Then after 2 years I partnered with others and established a health tech company named Consel Limited, I’m the co-founder and chairman of this company.

This is an online app-based company providing telemedicine and mental health services through 100+ health experts doctors and 30+ psychologists. It’s a journey that started since 2020. It awarded a few prizes Nationally.

As I’m passionate about the personal development arena and I’ve been practising Meditation, Yoga and Spirituality from my teenage during covid19 I discovered myself as a coach and trained 100+ people during COVID-19 pandemic.

Then I became a Mindvalley member and Mindvalley certified coach and Flourishing certified coach. So I started my passionate coaching profession in 2021 along with the health profession.

I coach professionals, CEOs and elite people to uplift their lives and to change their unhealthy lifestyles. I also train business owners, CEOs to increase their business growth. Now, I’m enjoying the coaching profession journey.

In 2022 I also joined The Apha Group International (TAG)-UK, as a Regional Director in Bangladesh. It’s the subdivision Of Europe’s best coaching company Noble Manhattan Coaching Ltd. I became a TAG trainer and facilitated an executive board for SME Owners.

I was born with an entrepreneurial mindset and grew up not only in one field as a medical doctor. I chose different paths like life and health coaching, business training and entrepreneurship.

How did you discover your passion ‘Coach’?

Two stories changed my life and made me a visionary.

Story one: When I was a young child, one day I asked my mother, how can I fly? My mother replied: “if you educate yourself and connect with your God then you only can fly”

This story lessens me a lot, if you want to win your life, you must educate yourself properly along with the higher values you must learn every day.

Today’s institutions of learning doesn’t teach us higher values. Only taught us how to earn degrees and to get a 9-5 job. Just materialistic thinking is instilled into us.

After realizing I didn’t stop my learning I continued my study along with acquiring higher values through self-learning.

Story two: More than a decade ago One night my spiritual guru in a camp showed me along with others how he changed the darkness with light in one village. He was showing us from the peak of the hill there were two sides of a village.

One side was lightened by taking a few action steps over a couple of years. For this people had to work hard against the challenges and they overcame their challenges with the right strategies.

The other side still has darkness. Need to take action steps to lighten. Just need to believe ourselves that we could make it happen. We need perseverance and a proper action plan.

He said to reimagine yourselves. Side A was darkened similar to side B. But taking proper action it had lightened. What I realised after that if We can visualise the future properly we can achieve it.

Then I changed my mindset to dream big. I asked myself how could I contribute my society. I found the answer – You have to quit thinking as a job seeker. Seek the true purpose of life. Be a giver. You can contribute the society in many ways if you have the time and money freedom.

Since then I decided to be an entrepreneur in my field as I was born with an entrepreneurial mindset. I found the true purpose of my life.

The purpose of life is not getting a job, it Should be to enlighten yourself and to work for others. You need life balance to become a successful entrepreneur.

The purposes of education are not earning higher degrees and getting a job and working for others. The purpose of education should be to know how to live a meaningful purposeful life?

Modern Education system only focused on earning degrees and getting a job. They also focused on making more specialists rather than making Generalists.

The Real thing I hardly realized later, I decided to work for myself. To educate me and after that to contribute to society Without practising higher values you can’t make your life impactful.

These higher values are not taught in schools and colleges even in Universities. That’s why after getting a job and degrees they’re not living purposefully and peacefully. Most of them had a tendency to suicide due to stressful imbalanced life. They’re not grateful for what they already have.

I found my passion on coaching arena where I can fulfil my dream. I can coach myself and coach other elite people to make them more happy and more rewarding life.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

I focus on my growth part to uplift my strength. I see the problem as a challenge. I take the responsibility to accomplish anything.

What I can’t control I just let them go. I can explain it differently: our life is full of problems. Every part of life there is a problem, we must take it as a challenge to deal with them. If i grow myself immensely. Then Resilience traits will grow.

Problems come to me as an opportunity to grow. If I take it as an opportunity I will learn from it. Otherwise, I will be stuck on it and can’t free from the situation.

So, a growth mindset helps me to shift from a fixed mindset and to see things differently. whereas everyone else see it as a problem and they skip it. I directly face to it and learn from it.

Two things changed me a lot one is IKIGAI and the other is KAIZEN. Every successful entrepreneur have gone through their IKIGAI and KAIZEN to find out their passion and to learn and Improve themselves consistently. When You automate your passion you will grow immensely.

We practice wrongly Failure And Mistakes to skip ourselves and love to live in a comfort zone. That’s the biggest takeaway from what successful people do.

They re-learn from these till success comes true. I do the same things. There is no shortcut way to reaching the success line. We need the patience to find out the right path by overcoming every challenge of it.

How did the covid19 pandemic help you to grow?

During the pandemic situation, all the way I grew up my startup business and started my coaching journey. I helped 100 more people to change their life during covid 19.

I also helped my patients in many ways to create positive awareness through my health profession. I grew up myself immensely during the pandemic situation.

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

My mother passed away last year and She taught me true values like honesty and patience which are the essence of life.

My spiritual guru taught me how to cultivate the true potential within me before serving to others.

Dr. Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman

What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a person?

> Biggest takeaways

> Learn from failure and mistakes.

> No one shared their failure stories how many times they failed or learnt before come true their real success.

> Dream big and split it into small parts try to act on it daily

Focus on the following core skills:

– Personal Empowerment

– Personal Management

– Emotional Intelligence

– Leadership

– Entrepreneurial Mindset

– Growth Mindset

– Highly Motivated

– Moral Values

– Interpersonal Skills

– Accountable

– Meditate

– Disciplined

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

Key takeaways to get into the success line. Be grateful. Trust yourself. Win your fear of success.

Dream big, act on it, follow the process, be patient. Make surrounding with successful people, connect with true community. enrich yourself daily.

Never stop learning. Think differently, take risk, do mistake, be accountable. Take care of yourself, health is the biggest investment and ultimate success of life. Connect yourself with God. Practice Positive self-talk. Know your strength and focus on it.

What advice would you give to our readers?

Define your success.

Be passionate.

Find your true life purpose.

Know how to live life purposefully.

Don’t find a purpose in getting a 9-5 job and a career.

Ask Yourself who are you?

Why are you on this planet?

Seek the true purpose of life.

Stop seeking 9-5 job.

Seek financial freedom and time freedom.

Be patriotic. Love yourself. Follow your gut. Serve Others.

Be compassionate and kind.

Focus on your higher values.

Make a good habit and replace the bad habit.

A lot of thinking to share with young early-stage starters due to limited words on this platform I can’t talk so much. If you need any help connect me on LinkedIn or any other social media.

Last but not least, what about your journey makes it satisfying/exciting?

It ignites me inside when I see someone is getting success after my coaching session.

It always gives me positive energy when contributing to society in different ways through my health profession, coaching profession and startup company.

Hoping I will be contributing to the too many people globally.


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