Interview with Dr Prameela Sreemangalam | Author | Psychotherapist | Life Coach | Leader | Founder and Director at Mind Scan TM

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam

At BrilliantRead Media, our aim is to bring to our community some of the finest stories from the startup ecosystem. As part of this endeavour, we invited a passionate women entrepreneur – Dr Prameela Sreemangalam for an exclusive interview with us. She is an Entrepreneur, Leader, Life Coach, Author, Psychotherapist and Founder and Director of Mind Scan TM. Let’s learn more about her exciting journey, background and advice for our growing community.

Excerpts from our exclusive interview with Dr Prameela:

We are aware of your contribution to the humanity, talk us through your background and your journey, please;

I completed my schooling from Auxiliem Convent and further pursued a Science medium and completed Clinical Psychology from the University of Madras.

Thereafter, went ahead to acquire licensing in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and NLP certification from NFNLP, USA. As a keen learner, observer and pursuing an interest in academics, knowledge and evolution, acquired a PhD in Psychotherapy and Counseling from Swahili University USA affiliated with Dr A P J Abdul Kalam University, in India. With two-plus decades of experience in my field (a decade in the Aviation industry), I ventured into the arena of private practice and founded Mind Scan™️ in the year 2009.

Mind Scan™️’ a Centre for Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution is dedicated to serving society with passion, commitment and dedication. To bring about awareness about – Psychology, tools of Self-Healing, Natural Therapies/ Remedies, Meditations, and Natural powers of Mind and to eradicate fears, and stigmas from the mindset of mankind, I have delivered many lectures on mass awareness (in India and Internationally) to Institutions, Societies, Schools, Universities, Foundations, Centers, Corporates and masses.

Magazines, TV and social media platforms on various occasions covered my journey and invited me to be on their board and platforms to dispense awareness to the masses. Have submitted papers and delivered presentations on various occasions of WHO themes, Topics of Mind and Life, when received the invite as a Speaker/ Facilitator. I believe learning, serving and giving is an ongoing activity and one must always be ready to deliver in their lifetime at all stages. I personally believe in the motto to Serve!

As you serve, so shall you receive the goodness back in many ways. In this frame of my personal belief and philosophy, I got awarded and rewarded with 14+ awards and thousands of testimonials and acknowledgements in the walk and pathway of life.

When you are dedicated to your mission and vision in alignment with lights, success is a natural outcome. It walks with you like your own shadow.

What made you passionate about ‘Coaching’?

I realized while being a child that I liked being in the company of people, would be inspired about people who have accomplished something by themselves in their life and carried a vision similar in my mindset.

As a young child, my grandparents and parents often told me that when I touch an area of physical discomfort, or pain, or give them a light massage, they find relief instantly and immediately feel rejuvenated & healed.

It was much later that I realized that it was a sign of natural healing occurring for them and that I am ‘Medium’ from Lights. This I nurtured and developed by participating in Meditation, Journaling and Writing which took up the shape of 14+ decks and books.

My pathway was very simple and clear – Serve in the interest of Lights, to be beneficial for Mankind and beings of the World. Teach them the art of letting go, forgiving, developing the mind’s strength, and compassion, activating inner healing abilities, kindness and unconditionally serving. There are many who need it. You are a blessed and gifted one.

Thus coaching, mentoring, teaching and writing became my passion and I have continued to deliver since then. The pathways opened naturally ahead with students who formed the team to deliver on this vision and mission, becoming the strong pillars and foundation of Mind Scan™️.

I believe everyone is capable of something. This ability one has to have the desire to find within themselves. Change then begins. However, for anyone, if this is a challenge, Mind Scan™️ can definitely help you with the tools. Whether you are dealing with anxiety/fears/phobia or battling with a condition, mind or psychic suffering, dysfunctional elements, self-sabotaging behaviour, depression, a repetitive tendency, or anything pertaining to life or mind, know that there’s always a cure and solution with Lights. We deliver those tools to find and heal yourself.

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam

‘Mind Scan TM’ is such a unique name; talk us through more about it, please. Our audience would also love to know what kind of problem you are solving? 

When you look at the logo of Mind Scan™️, you would relate to it as a blooming tree and when you relate to the name there is ‘Mind’ in it. It is a tree with fruits of ‘Spirituality’, which benefits mankind.

So the seeds sprout, grow and give the quality of fruits which is Spirituality, Lights, Support and Healing. Now we are growing with Healers, Mentors and Teachers and becoming the branches to help many. This is through the art of ‘Serving, Healing, Channeling, Connecting & Aligning with Lights, Oneness, Brotherhood.

Devotion, dedication and alignment to Divine, Masters & Lights are taught at every step in Mind Scan™. When the ’Supreme Intelligence’ matures, it gets released at the ‘Heart’. The aura of such an individual radiates ‘Light and Supreme Force’. When this wisdom is integrated with life, thoughts and action of ’Service’ to mankind, it becomes profound with ‘Devotion, Dedication & Determination’. Thus a ‘Teacher, Mentor, Guide & Healer’ is born.

The following is carried out by Mind Scan™️ – Psychological Healing, Physical Healing, Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Masters Process of Healing, Ancestral Lineage Healing, Womb Healing, Mediumship, Meditation Programs, Reading & Journaling, Retreats, Corporate Wellness, Life Counseling.

How do you manage to keep going despite the challenges? What drives you?

My strength comes from my passion and determination to serve constantly. Empowering and resolving the myths, stereotypes about wellness journey to have self-awareness, understanding to carry out self-healing and courage to do their own therapy to live a life of respect, dignity, personal strength and treat others with the same ethical principles is my drive to work in this field.

I believe in sharing Joy, the Happiness to Serve, that’s the first principle of Mind Scan™️ by Dr Prameela Sreemangalam. I believe all people are capable of change and leading a very valuable life. This aids in building a very effective ecosystem, balance and alignment are established in life and familial systems. It is important to understand people are shaped by their experiences, beliefs and circumstances and everything has a scope to learn and transform.

At Mind Scan™️ we envision a world in which all people have access to their own mind, positive psychology, its tools, remedies and treatment that can help them improve their mental & emotional health and spiritual well-being and achieve harmony. Healing themselves first and then later promoting healthier families and communities is the vision which we are accomplishing in the last 14-plus years of our journey.

Who do you believe has been the biggest source of motivation in your daily life?

Life has always inspired and motivated me since being a young child. When you begin to understand and participate in life, it naturally becomes spiritual. 

My life is my biggest resource of accomplishment and transformation through many gifts. My valuable Parents, my Husband Sajan, Son Aaryan, alongside our spiritual son Oreo Boy (an African Grey Parrot ) who graced our physical life until he united back to the source of lights.

In my walk of life, I met many Teachers and Mentors who inspired me to operate in the ‘Purpose’ which was being revealed to me. Further Clients, Students and Learners who became part of my life and mission to serve added to my strength. I like to speculate, learn through observation and focus on evolution.

What are some of the strategies that you believe have helped you grow as a person? 

There are a few:

> Being Mindful – Observe all that you do.

> Be Patient and Constantly Work with a Goal – It helps in delivering the right tools.

> Take Ownership and Responsibility for my Actions – Courage and Strength get delivered.

> Trust and Believe Yourself – It develops the ability to take risks & venture into uncharted territories with confidence & indomitable spirit.

> Be the Inspiration – You are the craftsman to bring in change and charge many minds and lives.

Dr Prameela Sreemangalam

You are always positive and motivated, what keeps you going?

There are many, but sharing some of them:

(1) Journaling – Journalling inspires me personally as it helps me to observe the changes in minor and major. It helps me to stay disciplined and aligned with my purpose. It enables me to be a doer and thinker, thus enabling my innate intelligence and ideas to come up in life.

(2) Meditation – It helps in anchoring and refreshing my mind constantly. Great strength, mastery of my skills and strength to keep doing many tasks is accomplished. It also helps me to find genuine enjoyment with my purpose and this is reflected in my aura and personality.

(3) Self-Healing with Masters- A spiritual practice to which I surrender to daily. It motivates me and brings forth strength to my physical & mental energy, greater ideas and visions get formed and accomplished. I am able to constantly practice, engage and deliver my roles for more than 12 hours in a day without getting tired and I can continue to deliver and accomplish many things without any offs and holidays for one to four months.

(4) Mindfulness Practice – A philosophy where you are fully engaged in all that you do, there are no expectations but great outcomes accomplished. There’s a larger state of contentment, everlasting joy and meaning to my personal existence in life. This also helps me to be detached from people’s emotions, technology and gadget rushes and aligned with lights.

(5) Practicing Gratitude and Forgiveness through writing and mindful awareness and meditations where required.

(6) Writing – Channeling and contributing to the creation of Decks, Books and Journals.  I believe that I have much more to give to the universe, this is one of the purposes that I am being sent here for. The Light works with writing, aids in the evolution of the earth, and ascension of humanity’s mind and consciousness as lights are a gift for mankind. It enables me to realize my role as a ‘Medium’.

(7) Learning from others and by observation. Going to nature-gifted places to relax and unwind and come back with more ideas and gifts for the mind. Engaging in walking, yoga and physical workouts when possible. Resting with a happy mind are some more of the mindful engagements which I practice regularly.

In your opinion, what are the keys to success?

I will say it straight that there are many factors but if you really have to have the key elements then to me these are the ones:

– Having a Goal in life.

– Accepting & Loving myself.

– Being responsive and responsible.

– Being Mindful of all that you do.

– Practicing Gratitude and being Observant.

– A Curious learner and Flexible to welcome changes.

– Carrying a positive outlook and mindset.

– Learning from mistakes and experiences.

– Taking actions where necessary.

– Valuing team efforts and keeping them aligned with the vision.

These days in corporations, we see a lot of employee migration. Why is the consistency level decreasing and the loyalty factor in an employee diminishing? What can be done to improve this?

Looking to hire for a job role must not be restricted to hiring the best talents themselves. Rather the hiring must be focused on the right individual, who carries the virtues and qualities of simplicity, grounding, intent to serve loyally and who places the organization’s growth and vision as the supreme motive.

Such an employee is mostly motivated to grow with the organization and content with progress. Background checks on their previous roles and timelines invested in their previous term with corporate and family structure must all be taken into consideration.

In the past two decades, more and more individuals are sensing an imbalance in their work-life balance. Challenging demands of the market, changing trends in society, growing expectations from bosses, and company role tasks are depleting the energy of their minds and senses. So too, with the rising costs and financial pressures, competitions, when the growth in the company is not rewarding, employees opt for fields outside.

A collective understanding by getting the employees to undergo and engage in quarterly De-stress programs, Corporate Wellness Programs, and Mindfulness the ‘Zen Masters’ way gives a scope to the employees to introspect. It further leads to internal transformation, employees feel rewarded, motivated and content that their company/ bosses are genuinely interested in their welfare. This directly enhances their loyalty and productivity. Mind Scan™️ can help craft this change for the Corporates.


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