Tired of online dating? New services, applications and video chats for you

You’ve probably heard of the phenomenon of professional burnout. Many of you, most likely, have faced it yourselves. Sometimes even a favorite thing is very tiring, turns into an endless routine and causes only rejection. However, burnout is observed not only at work, but also in the field of online dating.

More recently, the world has been talking about so-called online dating fatigue — burnout in online dating. This is usually a temporary phenomenon caused by the fact that a person spends too much time searching for a soul mate and turns this process into a routine.

Millions of people in the world mechanically swipe profiles and photos of users of dating applications for several hours a day, exchange a couple of phrases with strangers, and this is where the communication ends. At first it is interesting and unusual, but over time, such a pastime will simply get boring. Especially if you do not notice any positive movement towards building relationships. What to do with this?

5 tips to overcome online dating fatigue and make the search process fun again

  1. Remind yourself why you came to this dating site

Many users of dating sites and apps forget about their prime target. Day after day, they spend hours of their lives on a routine, not even fully understanding why they are doing it. Set clear goals for yourself: make new friends, spend time with a new person, find a partner for a serious relationship. And remind yourself of this goal every time you launch a dating app.

  1. Focus on the positive

A couple of unsuccessful acquaintances and hopeless dates can greatly shake your faith in success. But don’t let the negativity get the better of you. Remind yourself that each acquaintance and date is a valuable experience. After all, you can use it for future dating success. So when you meet “the one”, you’ll be 100% prepared and won’t miss your chance.

  1. Try changing your approach to online dating

Suppose you’ve been using the same dating site for several weeks or even months, but you have not seen any special prospects. It’s time to switch to another platform. Better yet, choose a few and alternate them periodically. The audience, the topics of communication, the atmosphere of communication are changing. Besides, by using two or three dating platforms at the same time, it’ll be easier for you to avoid burnout. If you feel tired, take a short break — do not go to the dating site at all for several days. This way you’ll return to the site with renewed vigor and will have had time to rethink your search strategy. In addition, sometimes it’s useful to completely change the format of online dating itself. But more about that later.

  1. Look for niche and themed dating services

Tinder. Badoo, Bumble and other popular dating apps have an important advantage — a huge audience. But this audience is too diverse, which makes it very difficult to find a soulmate here. We recommend paying attention to themed, niche dating platforms:

Her — a dating service for members of the LGBT community. It is popular not only as a place to find relationships, but also to communicate with like-minded people.

Raya — a celebrity dating app. However, the selection of users is very strict — only 8% of applications are approved.

Agematch — a platform for people who are looking for a couple with a big age difference — noticeably older or younger than themselves.

Trek Passions — a dating site for science-fiction and space lovers. Here you can really find many like-minded people in a rather geeky subject.

ChristianMingle — the largest dating platform for religious Christians. The site is designed to help men and women establish strong family relationships based on the same belief and mutual love.

Paranormal Date — a dating site for those who are interested in the paranormal phenomena. UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists — why not a topic for conversation on a first date?

Bristlr — a dating app for bearded men and also for girls who like bearded men. A very unusual but quite popular platform.

There are a huge number of niche sites and dating apps. If you wish, you can find like-minded people in any niche interest. The main thing is to keep looking and not stop there.

  1. Use online video chats for live communication

Video chat services are a great alternative to dating sites and apps. They save just a lot of time and allow you to communicate with a variety of people on almost any topic. For example, one minute you’re discussing a new Star Wars movie with a stranger, a minute later you are listening to someone playing the guitar, and after another five minutes you’re talking about black holes and other mysteries of the universe.

No dating site will give you as much freedom as online video chat. In addition, modern users have access to a huge selection of anonymous web chats:

Chatspin — a convenient video chat with country and gender filters, as well as AI face masks. The site will surely appeal to connoisseurs of anonymity.

Chathub — a simple online video chat with language and gender filters. Nothing extra, just basic functionality.

OmeTV — a web chat with gender and geographic filters and a convenient function of auto-translating messages into the language of your choice. Perfect for communicating with foreign language speakers.

CooMeet — a chat with girls with an exclusive gender filter and one of the best moderation systems. CooMeet connects men only with girls, and the girls themselves must confirm their identity during registration. No fakes!

Hola — a nice video chat with live streams and video stories similar to Instagram Stories. A good option for those looking for more variety in the web chat world.

Monkey — a minimalist video chat with a unique feature: invite a friend to the chat via a link. You can invite another user and chat with random people together.

Bazoocam — a popular online video chat with mini-games and a live stream feature that viewers can connect to. Most streams are very explicit.

Chatrandom — a video chat with gender and geographic filters, search by interests, as well as themed chat rooms.

And this is only a small selection of popular video chats. They have a huge active audience, convenient functionality and wide possibilities for fine-tuning the search for interesting people. In addition, many of them are completely free or give a free trial period to get acquainted with the functionality.

Keep it fresh online to avoid burnout

Even the most exciting process eventually gets boring and turns into a routine. With online dating, the situation is exactly the same. Burnout here is a fairly common phenomenon, but it is not so difficult to overcome if you approach this matter wisely.

We guarantee that if you follow our advice, you’ll be able to greatly diversify your acquaintances and communication on the Internet. And you definitely won’t burn out. We wish you only pleasant, interesting and promising interactions on the Web!

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