Anushka Bansal Poetry/Quotes on Love, Happiness and Women

Anushka Bansal poetry quotes on love women mom empowerment social issues

Anushka Bansal’s Poetry/Quotes on Love, Happiness and Women

Anushka Bansal has written a few beautiful poetry/quotes and short stories.

At BrilliantRead, it is our endeavour to highlight extra-ordinary talent and bring to our readers some finest pieces of art and poetry. We have shortlisted Anuska Bansal’s work for all our readers.


Here it is:

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.






 She was cute enough to wear this smile. She was bold enough to wear it. But they left her and call themselves civilized and educated.






Anushka Bansal Poetry on Love

Don’t remember me with sadness,

Don’t remember me with tears,

Remember all the laughter,  we’ve shared through out the years,  now I am contented that my life was worth while,  knowing I passed along the way I made you smile. When you are walking down the street and you’ve got me in your mind, I’m waking in your foot steps.  So please don’t be unhappy because I am out of sight.  Remember I am with you every morning,  day and night.


Anushka Bansal Poetry on Women

 Woman …

Beautiful creation by God

No matter what …she smiles

No matter what …she  never gives up

No matter how hurt she is but never speaks

No matter how sad she is but smiles

No matter how tired she is but never says

No matter what she’s going through but never shares

The world thinks she is strong….

Not matter how weak, broken she is stills says she’s strong, she’s  happy….

There is none like her…







Anushka Bansal Poetry/Poem on Maa(Hindi)


Doop  me jo chhao  de wo maa..

Bhuke rh k bhi apne bacche ko khilaye  wo maa…

Giile  me Soo kr sukhe me bacche ko sulaye wo maa…

Jiski chhati  se lag  kr sab gum bhul  jau wo maa..

Surya  k saman tez jisme ho wo maa…

Jaag  jaanni  dhara  k saman sabar jisme h wo maa…

Bhagwan  hone ka jo sabuut  de wo maa


Baccho  ka niradar  seh  k bhi duaye  de wo maa…

Bhuke pet bhi baccho ko asirwaad  de wo maa..

Kbhi esa kisi maa k sath naa ho…

Hmari is sansaar  ki jivan  data h maa…



Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.









Smile not because you want the world to see you smiling but because you are happy. Don’t wear a mask for the world.







Be happy now! Don’t postpone happiness! Happiness is always now!


Anushka Bansal Poems poetry on love mom social issues empowerment
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