Incredible Health Benefits of SeabuckThorn Oil

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Incredible Health Benefits of SeabuckThorn Oil

What is SeabuckThorn?


Scientific name of Seabuckthorn is Hippophae. It comes from a thorny tree that is native to Europe and Asia. It is a form of Shrub that grows along the shorelines of high altitude mountain areas.


Surviving the tough climates forces the plant to develop adaptogenic qualities. and hence every part of the plant is full of nutritions including the leaves and bark

Natural Seabuckthorn Nourishing Cream.

It’s Contains Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7, Omega  and Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E


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Hippophae is a genus of sea buckthorns, deciduous shrubs in the family Elaeagnaceae. The name sea buckthorn may be hyphenated to avoid confusion with the buckthorns. It is also referred to as sandthorn, sallowthorn, or seaberry

Plant based omega 3

Liver supportSkin brightening
Immunity boost
Healthy inflammation response
Near 1:1 ratio of Omega-6 & Omega-3


Health Benefits of SeabuckThorn Oil/Capsules:


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It is a shrub that is rich in many nutrients. It has immense benefits and can be an effective application for the following health concerns:


Oxidative Stress

Protect the Stomach

Reduce Inflammation

It Protects the Liver

Alleviate Diabetes Symptoms

Increases Wound Healing

Protects the Brain

Boosts the Immune System

Fights Bacteria

Helps Treat Dry Eye Issues

Improves Heart Health

SeaBuckthorn Improve Skin Health

Reduces Clotting


SideEffects: Use caution or consult your doctor and be wary of any allergies you notice.


It is known across the world for its incredible medicinal and nutritious properties. It is rich in minerals and has omega 3/6.



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