Tips to Writing a Unique Essay Fast

Tips to Writing a Unique Essay Fast

Writing a unique essay is usually time-consuming. A student needs to do thorough research, collect all the data, formulate a plan, a thesis statement, come up with an entertaining title, and write the work to grab the reader from the first paragraph. But what to do if you are short of time, and the essay should have been written yesterday? Of course, you can turn to a fast essay writer. But, think about how much money you will save if you learn how to write unique essays fast on your own? Are there ways to speed up the writing process? Let’s find out together. 

What Is an Essay? 

An essay is a short prose text with a free composition, which expresses personal impressions and thoughts on a particular subject or issue and does not pretend to be definitive or exhaustive in its interpretation of the subject. In the context of an essay, the author’s personality — their worldview, thoughts, and feelings — are evaluated in the first place. That’s why it’s safe to say that the essay you’ve written is already a unique work. 

How to Write a Unique Essay Fast?

Before you sit down to write your unique essay, make sure you turn off your phone notifications, log out of social media, and nothing can distract you from work ahead. Try to put aside panic and doubts that you won’t succeed in such a short period of time. Tune in, ask your loved ones or neighbours not to disturb you for a while, and get to work. 

Estimate Time

How much time do you have for writing your essay? By setting yourself a clear framework, you’ll be more responsible, and you’ll get through the work faster. Let’s say you have an hour. Evaluate your strengths and abilities and distribute the time for each part of the work, paying the most attention to writing. 

Make Sure You Understand the Task

This is a crucial phase on which the success of your essay may depend. You should read the assignment or question carefully and answer the first thing that comes to your mind. If you have difficulty answering, brainstorm a little and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. What direction you choose now and whether you understand the given topic correctly affect the success of your work. 


When you are short of time, you have to do a small and quick collection and analysis of information on the topic. Try to gather the essential materials that you will definitely use in your essay without going deep into details. Don’t forget to write down all sources right away, so you don’t have to come back to this point later. 


Divide your essay into key paragraphs. In the introduction, you present your thesis, and in conclusion, you summarize. Each paragraph in the main body of your text should consist of a key thought on the topic and an argument for it. Don’t forget to link the following paragraphs. At this point, don’t try to write long, complicated sentences. You should get a draft with an outline of the main ideas and a plan for your paper. 

Key Thoughts and Arguments

In the plan, you wrote these sentences, but you didn’t pay enough attention to them. It’s a good time to make sure they are properly structured, persuasive, and not ambiguous. 

Main Body

It’s time to put all the parts of your unique essay together, add arguments and evidence for your thoughts, the right reasons, examples, and illustrations. As a rule, this process takes the longest because many students start to slow down and think that they have already coped with everything. 

Introduction and Conclusion

These two parts are extremely crucial to your essay. The first paragraph should conceal a hook that engages the reader to keep reading and awakens their interest. The conclusion should summarize all your work and leave a pleasant aftertaste after reading. 


Always leave time to check your work, no matter how hurried you are. Check the structure of the essay, the logical connection of all sentences and paragraphs, the integrity, and the design of the references. At the very end, pay attention to typos and errors. Once you are sure that you are satisfied with your work, you can turn in your essay. 

How to Make Your Essay Unique?

When the deadline is fast approaching, and you want to submit your work as soon as possible, and there are so many ready-made papers on the necessary topic on the Internet, you just want to cheat and copy them into your essay. Do not give in to temptation, and do not risk your reputation in the eyes of your teacher.

After all, you were given the assignment to write an essay to get the knowledge you need in the first place. Do you think no one will notice your trickery? You’d be surprised, but teachers also know how to use google and a bunch of plagiarism checking programs. Also, try to avoid the excessive use of quotations in your essay. First, it will reduce uniqueness. Secondly, it demonstrates to the teacher that you haven’t elaborated on the topic and decided to cover it up with quotations. 


As you can see, there is nothing complicated about learning how to write a unique essay fast. As with everything, it will take you some time to practice and get your hands on it. But after 5-7 papers, it will be hard for you to imagine how much time you spent on this type of task. Good luck!


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