Top 20 Mike Rashid Quotes, Bio and Networth 2019

Mike Rashid Quotes life bodybuilding fitness

Mike Rashid Quotes, Bio, Height, Age, Diet and Networth 2019

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Who is Mike Rashid?

Mike Rashid is known across the bodybuilding and fitness fraternity for his greatness as a powerlifter, Bodybuilder and boxer. Millions across the world draw infinite amount of motivation from his journey. Refer to his social media pages toward the bottom of this article.


Mike has worked extremely hard to reach where he is today. He is widely admired for his passion, love and hard-work.

Mike Rashid is currently the Founder and CEO of his company IMSOALPHA 1X3 supplements,

He is a former professional bodybuilder, boxer, entrepreneur and also the author of the “Overtraining”.


Mike Rashid’s Weight:  215 – 225lbs (93.0 – 102.1kg)

Mike Rashid’s Height:  5’11” (180cm)

Date of Birth:  36 March 14, 1982

Known As:  American Boxer, Professional Bodybuilder, Author, Entrepreneur, Actor 2010, 2000

Mike Rashid’s Diet and Supplements:

Mike only takes a plant based protein, green superfood blend supplement, and sometimes BCAAs.


Net-worth – Est. $2 to 2.5 Million as of 2019

Top 20 Mike Rashid Quotes on Bodybuilding and Fitness:

“Honestly, what’s it worth if your abs only last a couple days? From what I’ve observed during my brief time in this “fitness industry” many of these “fitness” folks aren’t fit. For some, having abs is a result of being malnourished. I’m bringing this up to say this. If you are a part of this industry, try to actually be fit and healthy. If you being healthy doesnt allow you to be the most shredded person on the planet, then so be it. I feel this obsession with being “shredded” is mentally unhealthy. Some have to do so much for this temporary look, they gain weight after and then get depressed.”

motivational mike Rashid quotes

You can do amazing things. Don’t be afraid of that hard work. My workouts are tough. That’s what you want. You don’t want nothing easy. Easy ain’t going to get you nothing. You know, it may get you something. You may maintain and what not. Easy may work for some people, but I don’t want that. You know what I mean?

Mike Rashid Motivation bodybuilding

“OVER: above in authority, rank, power. Synonyms: complete, accomplished. TRAINING: the education, instruction, or discipline. Synonyms: discipline, basics, foundation, practice. MIKE RASHIDS DEFINITION OF OVERTRAINING: to completely dominate your training. To leave no stones unturned when training.”

Mike Rashid Bodybuilding advice

Be disciplined, train hard. Train your mind as thoroughly as you train your body. Be a complete warrior. Not just a brute. Practice eloquence of the tongue, be fluid in thought.. Be gentle, but strong. Be humble. Stand firm in your beliefs. Be a protector. Make your word your bond. Firm handshakes, make eye contact. Be accountable for your actions. Just thinking about some of the lessons my pops taught me. Just reiterating them to myself, and sharing them with you.”

Mike Rashid Best Quotes

I’m not afraid of death. I actually have no desire to live 100 years. However, I want my time spent on earth in this physical form to be that of quality. I’m about enjoying every moment. Turning negatives into learning experiences. Therefore there’s never a negative. Graceful living, fluid thoughts, strong and healthy body, strong mind, seeing smiles on my kids face, seeing smiles on my loved ones faces, good company, good music, a beautiful woman on my side. What else can a man ask for.”

Best Mike Rashid Quotes

“What I’m telling y’all is-  strive for excellence, Don’t make excuses. When everything is stacked against you, get excited about that. Because when you bust through those obstacles, you grow. Your aptitude as a person enhances. Self esteem is your self estimation of what your are, who you are. No one can define that but you.”

Inspirational Mike Rashid Quotes

“Rise and grind! Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream!”

Mike Rashid Quotes on love life bodybuilding

“Workouts like these aren’t really for building the body, it’s for building that mental strength, giving yourself a ‘gut check’ and tapping into will power. The more you tap into it, the more readily accessible it will be to you in a time of need.”

Mike Rashid Fitness Quotes

“I dont care what your profession is. You will be more successful if you trained regularly, and ate well. You will have more energy, more confidence, look better, and people will treat you like the boss that you are or can be. A word to the wise is sufficient. Get off your asses.”

Quotes by Mike Rashid

“What are you all about Mike Rashid – A rich living experience. Mental and physical fitness, Progressive thoughts. Optimizing every area of my life. Enhancing relationships of those in my circle. Laughing. Conquering. Learning. Progressing. Enjoying good people and conversations, food, movies, all of the great pleasures in life. Consciously trying to become a better person everyday. Constantly trying to help my loved ones become better. What are you about?” – Mike Rashid quotes on Love and Relationships

Bodybuilding quotes Fitness Quotes

“Tell people that you love how much you love them that you dont like, that you dont like them and why. Step into actions with boldness. But never be too ‘Alpha’ that you cant take constructive criticism. Or learn from a mistake. No matter how much it may sting, Do Not reject the truth. And if you are a leader. Be a damn good leader. Be an example. Dont half a*s anything. Dont be out of shape telling people how to be in shape nor be a cheater telling people not to cheat. Walk the walk. That’s it. simple common sense.”

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“You must do what you want, what you feel you should do. Not what people think is best, do what feels right for you.”

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“I see all of you bad a**es killing it in the gym. I love that. Don’t forget to be good to you mind. You don’t train it, It’ll become weak” – Mike Rashid

Best Fitness Quotes

“I feel squats are the foundation for any athlete, in any sport.” – Mike Rashid Quotes


Mike Rashid Weight Height Diet Networth


“Like to incorporate powerlifting principles in progressing to a max effort for a neural response which translates to strength.” – Mike


Best fitness quotes for motivation

“I feel like the harder it is, the more I’m getting out of it. If I conquer these hard tasks, you just get way more out of it.” – Mike Rashid Quotes

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Mike Rashid’s Advice on Mindfulness

“Since I’ve started practicing mindfulness my life has been different. Hate to sound dramatic but it’s true. If I miss days, I really feel it. I feel I’m vibrating on higher frequencies. I recommend it. Stress becomes less stressful. People seem to move in slow motion. I feel a lot more aware. Life just overall feels more pleasant. Try it. Or don’t.”

Mike Rashid Quotes on Fitness

“I want to drop even more weight. My strength is still the same, been losing fat, not muscle. The less you eat, the more clearly you think. Our ancestors ate a couple times a week if lucky. Food is the number one killer in the United States. Heart disease from overeating the wrong things. ‘Let thy food be thy medicine’.” – Mike Rashid

Mike Rashid’s Advice on Powerlifting

“I feel squats are the foundation for any athlete, in any sport. I like to incorporate powerlifting principles in progressing to a max effort for a neural response which translates to strength. However I like to progress with bodybuilding styled rep ranges which expands cells translating to larger muscles. After which I activate that inner athlete to do any type of crazy burn out or drop set which translate to badassery.”


Mike Rashid


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