77 Best Motivational CT Fletcher Quotes

CT Fletcher Motivation Quote

Motivational CT Fletcher Quotes


Who is CT Fletcher?

CT Fletcher was born on June 8, 1959, in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

He is one of the biggest, strongest, boldest and the greatest drug-free Bodybuilder. CT Fletcher served in US army, worked in Postal Services and tried other jobs until in 1980, he became enthralled with bodybuilding which, he calls a turning point in his life.

Not only did he become the most powerful Bodybuilder but also the Power-lifter which he is best known as.  He raised all the bars of powerlifting by setting unprecedented standards.

Anyone who hits the Gym today or is a bodybuilder would know who CT Fletcher is. He has inspired millions to go for their passion.


Here are 77 Best CT Fletcher Quotes:


“For competition, always loop the thumbs around the bar and squeeze, squeeze that bar like your trying to snap that mother fu*ka* in two!” – CT Fletcher

“May —I have more, please? have more pain?  more torture? Because I know this sh!t is gonna make me grow!” – CT Fletcher

 “I’m trying to call on all the Gods of power. Hercules, Apollo, Atlas, come on motha fu*ka*! I need your as*!”- CT Fletcher


“CT, how do you manage to keep interested after 31 years? Easy-just like smoking. I’m addicted to this sh*t!!” – CT Fletcher


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“You must become obsessed with obtaining what you are trying to get, you have to be obsessed with it.” – CT Fletcher

7th of 17 CT Fletcher Quotes 

“I don’t know how many reps, I’ma do the motha fu*ka till i cant do it no motha fu*kin more!” – CT Fletcher

 “If you don’t have the mental capacity to be that obsessed about what you’re trying to get then motherf***er you ain’t never gonna have it.” – CT Fletcher


“History never remembers the haters.” – CT Fletcher


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“I don’t wanna be one of the masses, that’s why I’m here in the gym.” – CT Fletcher


“Pain is necessary, embrace the pain!” – CT Fletcher


CT Fletcher Motivation quotes

 “It’s still your motherf***in’ set!” – CT Fletcher

“Question impossible.”– CT Fletcher


“Get you’re a*s to the gym motherfu*k*r”- CT Fletcher


“ Fu*k Average You are a champion”- CT Fletcher


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“Fu*k Impossible” – CT Fletcher


“The doctors told me before my last competition that if i go out there, I could die trying to lift that much weight. I was faced with death and I chose gladly to compete. If i die in the pursuit of my obsession, then so be it. I’ll go out doing what I love.” – CT Fletcher


18th of 17 CT Fletcher Quotes 

“Will you be the beast of the bit*h”- CT Fletcher


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“You set to start when you can’t mother**king do more- CT Fletcher

CT fletcher quotes



“You will find no Pity, No Mercy, No Compassion here.”- CT Fletcher


“F*ck average – beast or bitch – it’s your choice!” –CT Fletcher


“Will is the key to success. Remember who you are and don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it.” – CT Fletcher


“Obsession isn’t always a bad thing. Obsession is a downright requirement to be great.” – CT Fletcher



“If you want to be great at what you do, obsession is a necessity.” – C.T. Fletcher

25th of 77 CT Fletcher Quotes 

“Live an extraordinary life. Don’t settle for an ordinary life. Its easy to be ordinary. Anybody can do that.” – CT Fletcher


“The most powerful motivational speeches that I’ve ever heard came from people who told me I couldn’t do something. I was bound and determined to show them that I could.” – CT Fletcher


“If you can control your mind, you can control Your motherf**kin’ muscles. command them motherf**ker’s to grow!” – CT Fletcher


“Everything is impossible, until someone crazy enough comes along and makes it possible.” – CT Fletcher


“I don’t wanna be one of the masses, that’s why i’m here in the gym.” – CT Fletcher


“May I have more please? May I have more pain? May I have more torture? Because I know this shit is gonna make me grow!” – CT Fletcher


“Don’t make no difference what it is! I’ma pick the sh*t up! How much it is! I’m pick the sh*t up! That’s what I do… I pick sh*t up!” – CT Fletcher


“Pain is necessary, embrace the pain!” – CT Fletcher


“Don’t look for an easy way out. Nobody wants to work hard these days. The 20 minute abs, the 10 minute this, the 10 minute that. F*ck that! Come to the gym, work your ass off. Earn it!” – CT Fletcher


“I don’t need you to agree with me, I have the courage to stand alone.” – C T Fletcher


35th of 77 CT Fletcher Quotes 

“I command you to grow! You must grow! I’m the boss Motherf**ker! I tell you what to do you don’t tell me! I told your ass to grow… Grow!” – C.T. Fletcher

“History never remembers the haters.” – CT Fletcher


“F*ck average, you are a champion!” –CT Fletcher


“No matter how slow you go you are still lapping everybody on the couch.” – CT Fletcher


“You have to start, with the belief, that you can do something.” –CT Fletcher


“Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.” – CT Fletcher


 “Unchain your mind. Unchain your mind, from the imprisonment of fear! Unchain your mind! It’s been in-caged with doubt! Unchain your mind, loose yourself! Let yourself free, from the binds of average, from the binds of normal.” – CT Fletcher


“Never accept the limitations of someone else!” – CT Fletcher


43rd of 77 Inspirational CT Fletcher Quotes 

“You have no excuses, so no matter what, your nose bleeds, it’s that time of the month, the kids are crying, you don’t feel like it, your back hurts, you got aches and pains. It’s still your motherf**king set. Let’s get it done!” – CT Fletcher


“Its impossible. I’ve heard that so many times. It’s always impossible until some crazy SOB has the audacity to believe that no matter what the expert or the doctors says, ‘I can do that sh*t’” – CT Fletcher


“Decide for yourself what is our limitation.” – CT Fletcher


“Have you ever tried to do something and when you got home quietly in your room, you knew that you had that much more that you coulda gave? If you held up because you were embarrassed, then you knew in your heart you did not give everything that you had.” – CT Fletcher


“This is my life. And, I choose to live it the way I want to live it. Nobody is going to tell me how I should live it.” – CT Fletcher


“Sometimes if you get a little too high, if you get a little too full of yourself, you must be brought down. You will be taught a lesson.” – CT Fletcher


“Anytime that you put your best effort, that you give everything you can possibly give, there is satisfaction there that you did everything you could to become your best.” – CT Fletcher

“Find your magnificent obsession, whatever it is, and let nothing or no-one tell you that you can’t do it. Tell them to sit back and watch you do it.” – CT Fletcher


“I’m not down, I’m not done, I’m not through. It’s over when I say its over.” – CT Fletcher


“Everything I went through, every beating I got, every broken bone, every time I was rushed to the emergency room, every single struggle is what made it all worth it.” – CT Fletcher


“The stories of extreme will, of people that came through stories of extreme circumstances that they were not supposed to make it through, that’s what we are capable of.” – CT Fletcher


I will f*cking die in pursuit of my goal. I won’t let death or any f*cking thing of this earth (or not of this earth) stop me. I will have it no matter what the f*cking cost! I will have it!” – C.T. Fletcher


55th of 77 Motivational CT Fletcher Quotes On Bodybuilding

“CT, how do you manage to keep interested after 31 years? Easy-just like smoking. I’m addicted to this sh*t!!” – CT Fletcher


 “I’ve got a metal valve where my heart used to be. I sometimes wait for the watch to stop. But you know what? It’s still my motherf**king set! And if I can take my ass into that gym and work you have no excuse! None that I can’t listen to.” –

CT Fletcher


“Whatever’s thrown at you, it’s still your motherf**king set motherf**ker. Conquer that sh*t!” – CT Fletcher


“Death… I looked you in the f*cking face and I’m still here. You ain’t taken me out yet. I’m still here and still kicking your ass!” – CT Fletcher


“Today is not your f*cking day, today you won’t win, today I will take you on (on your ground, on your territory) and come to you and kick your f*cking ass fear! – CT Fletcher


“Never accept the God damn limitations that someone else has placed upon you. Decide for your f*cking self what is your limitation. Try it you son of a bitch! Try it for your f*cking self! That is the only f*cking way to know whether you can or can’t do something!” – CT Fletcher


“The best judge of what you should or should not do inside the gym is your own f*cking body! Learn to listen to it, it will speak to you. Your body will tell if you if a movement or an exercise is working.” – CT Fletcher


“You must trick the body, you must convince it that this is something new that it must adapt to, ‘what the f*ck is this!? This crazy motherf**ker did something totally different… I wasn’t ready for this!’ and it’ll be forced to change and that change will produce growth.” – CT Fletcher


“I can’t stand an indecisive motherf**ker. I can’t stand a motherf**ker who doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to stick with something. Be focused! Pick your goal and stick to it you wishy-washy motherf**ker!” – CT Fletcher


 “I will be the very best at what I do, I am determined to be the very best at what I am, and you (or nobody) can’t tell me I can’t do it because I am obsessed!” –

CT Fletcher


“My commitment to my obsession is so great that I’m willing to stand by my damn self! I don’t need you to stand with me.” – CT Fletcher


“You may have been born with more genetic prowess than me, but you can’t out-determine me, you can’t out-will me, you can’t out-want me, you can’t outwork me, you can’t out-desire me – I’m the king of that sh*t!” – CT Fletcher


67th of 77 Best CT Fletcher Quotes 

“I’m not down, I’m not done and I’m not through. It’s over when I say when the f*ck it’s over!” – CT Fletcher


 “Anytime that you give your best effort, that you give everything that you can possibly give – there’s victory in that, there’s satisfaction in that.” – CT Fletcher


“F*ck mediocracy, I don’t wanna be mediocre! F*ck being like everybody else, I don’t wanna be like everybody else! F*ck being in between. All or nothing baby, there is no in between!” – CT Fletcher


“I know it’s gonna be a fight, I know it’s gonna be a struggle. I am prepared because I know what it is to start from the bottom and start all over again. If a comeback is needed, then God damn it a comeback will be had!” – CT Fletcher


“‘I can’t’ will thwart you, stop you, slow you down, turn you around and cause you to move backwards if you let it. But if you have the proper mindset, ‘I can’t’ will do nothing but make you that more determined to get to your goal.” –CT  Fletcher


“It’s no problem for me to eat the same thing every fucking day because I’m not eating ’cause something tastes good, I’m eating for the fucking results. People will say, ‘I hate diet food because the diet food taste so bad’, motherfucker! You ain’t eating this shit for it to taste good! You’re eating because you want the results it’ll give on the way it will make you look.” – CT Fletcher


 “Fuck your excuses! fuck ’em to pieces. Every last one of your measly ass fucking excuses! Why do I say fuck your excuses? ‘Cause I hear so many of them, I hear so many complaints, so many whining. You pacified sucking pussies!” – CT Fletcher


 “Some go big, I went enormous. Some set goals, I set milestones! Some climb hills, I climbed mountains! Some want growth, I command growth. Some said it was over, I said fuck you!” – CT Fletcher


“You won’t find a class on how you can tap into your rage, how to tap into your adrenaline. This you must have! If you wanna be successful at this shit – you must be able to, at a moments notice, to tap into this shit!” – CT Fletcher


“What’s the secret?’ Here’s the motherfucking secret – hard ass work! That’s the fucking secret!” – CT Fletcher


77th of 77  CT Fletcher Quotes 

“No hesitation. No thought about tomorrow, no thought about the next 10 minutes. The only thing that counts is right here, right now! You ain’t gotta worry about one fucking thing other than hitting it as hard as you fucking can!” – CT Fletcher


Bonus CT Fletcher Quotes:


“I don’t wanna look nothin’ like your motherfucking ass! I wanna be me – a unique individual, one of a fucking kind God damn it. You can make me and break the fucking mould and throw that motherfucker away!” – CT Fletcher


“If I fail, I’ma fail f*cking trying, I’ma fail giving it my best – I ain’t gonna fail because I look for that shit and that shit look too f*cking hard. Motherf**k that! Get your punk ass out there and try that sh*t!” – CT Fletcher

“This is your wake up call motherfucker! This is your week to make it happen! Wake up the Hercules in you!” – CT Fletcher


“Greatness, in any field, cannot be achieved without obsession.” – CT Fletcher


“Which one of you motherf**kers is coming in second? Because all you motherf**kers know that I’m winning this shit!” – CT Fletcher


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